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Both A7R3 and A73 are simply superb, kudos to Sony!

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It looks like being made with a cheap 3D printer

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Mastering Light: Gutsy move.

Interlaced 1080 video
4.5 FPS
Sensor from 2012 (but with a newer processor)

This will be one of the best cameras for a few limited things. But since it has some big flaws for an "all-around" camera the targeted user base seems very small. I don't mind the lack of high end video, but the low FPS despite high IQ is a turn off for me. I hope many others see it differently. More competition is good.

If you do 'spray and pray' kinda shooting, you know there are Sony A9, Nikon D5, or Canon 1Dx2, right?

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Bottom sealing is planned as an important upgrade in Mark V.

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Robert Zanatta: There are benchmarks that show a couple functions, such as exporting images, have noticeably improved performance on multiple core machines. So processors with a lot of cores showed the best improvement.

For other functions, such as 1:1 preview generation, single core performance was the determining factor. The Intel 8700K was pretty much the fastest of all the high end processors tested.

i7 8700k is still the best choice now and before 7.2. i9 is too expensive just for LR, and Ryzen is not well supported.

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$12,800 sounds like a bargain

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ecka84: I wonder when will that knobby fashion fade away. Why don't they put an LCD on the top instead? It's not as bad as Fuji though :). Looks nice and doesn't cost $2000 :).

Looks? Is that some sort of mft excuse for using an outdated noisy sensor? LOL

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Prognathous: What was the response from Ricoh/Pentax?

"what is an encryption?'

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I didn't buy the P10 just for the camera, but for the screen, long battery life, cpu, excellent audio output, good GPS etc. This mate 10 pro is even better. The Kirin 970 is a fast cpu too :)

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S Review (590 comments in total)

Cool, a gold awarded camera that is not so good for still photography. That's a first

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Nikoncanonfan: I've just gone on unsplash it's great! Cool photos and you can keep them. I've joined.

Keep other people's works?

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princecody: Olympus EM1 M2 is better FF camera in high res mode :)

A FF camera that can only be used on the tripod? That's the worst FF camera ever! LOL

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I'm waiting for DPR's hands on reviews on MILF, given the popularity here

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DFPanno: All great cameras.

That said I am all in with EVFs and the associated technology.

Hope the big boys build compelling MILF cameras.

As a Sony shooter I am hoping that they would soften Sony pricing.

What does MILF have anyhing to do with cameras?

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jackgreen: Interesting, how well it will scale. Could AMD Ryzen 1800x or Threadripper could be a great cost-effective idea?

I think that testing the 7.2 with two cores did not prove much.

I believe that Puget Systems, my #1 source of LR performance, will have a lot of testing quite soon.

We still don't know whether LR 7.2 benefits more from multi-cores as opposed to higher clock speed. If the latter, i7 8700k is still the best choice.

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We should start building the $6K battle station then

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canon should've put a 28/2 or 35/2 equiv. lens instead of such a slow zoom...

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OliverGlass: You look out your window and you see the happy lad who's testing this thing for street photography. Then a cop car enters the frame.

I think even if the cop is your buddy, he will shoot you first before asking you to put it down LOL

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Just carry this through the security check at the airport. Should be very interesting to watch

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I stopped reading at "downloaded over 4000 times".

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