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  • Hi Breth I disassembled my dead GR II to examine what was blocking the lens from retracting. Ultimately I found it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie2uPwHjEwA It is a long journey trough the ...
  • Hi if you use 1m and f/16 then you get a very long Depth of Field. Everything from 0,5m to 15m will be acceptably sharp. Depending on what and in how much light you shoot the camera will need a ...
  • I had the same stuck lens problem with my GR II and found a solution, check out the howto video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie2uPwHjEwA
  • From my experience and testing there can be two stuck positions 1 - not locked The lens-motor extends the lens to the normal forward position. It can be pushed back with little force. 2 - locked Th ...
  • Created discussion thread Howto close a stuck GR lens
    Some of you might have unusable GRs because of a extended and stuck out lens. I disassembled one of mine and found a way to close the lens without the need to disassemble the camera. Check out the ...
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    .: San Augustinillo, Mexico 2019.: Medellin, Colombia 2019.: NYC, 2016.: NYC, 2017.: NYC, 2016.: NYC, 2017
  • I am waiting with the purchase because I like to learn from long time users reports. Both, my GR and GR II developed the Closed Shutter Problem which made the cameras use- and worthless before the...

  • Thanks for the calculations and comparison! Useful to learn which camera equal in terms of digital res and optical zoom. I can see new digital zoom equivalence discussions rising on the horizon :)

  • Thanks for clarification,

    "To zoom or not to zoom, that is the question" ;)

    Still I could imagine that the digital zoom from the GR III aps-c sensor would be at least equal to a 3x optical from...

  • I am astonished not to find the smallest and lightest APS-C Sensor cameras Ricoh GR II & Ricoh GR III on this list. Is it because they considered too niche or professional in a way?

  • From my experience not wide open but for sure from f/4 the GR line lens sharpness is as best as it can get in today's big sensor prime lens camera market.
  • Hi Andrew Here is my tip if you do not want to guess the distance: (1) Configure a free Fn Button to Switch from AF to MF and back (2) Half ...
  • Yes, there are three dedicated focus modes available with the GR, GR II and GR III. (1) Auto Focus (2) Manual Focus (3) Snap Focus (1) Full Press Snap Focus is a function ...
  • Thanks for sharing Varadi, sounds like a great first experience. What did your GR II died from?
  • How to check the Mechanical Shutter Count of your GR or GR II: Set the Mode Dial to Movie Mode > Press Disp. + Play Buttons simultaneously > press right to see the Mech Count screen
  • Same here, after my GR died (it had the lens module changed too) I bought a new GR II. Right now I am rather not investing for the newest version. I look forward to get my GR II serviced instead.
  • Could all be, but the point is to get to know those shutter counts and find out if the shutter or any other lens module part dies after a certain amount of photographs made. If that would be the ...
  • Thanks for your feedback Bren. I know the GR is a fragile camera due to its expandable lens design. From day one I protected it using the GH-3 lens adapter and stored it in a dedicated camera bag. ...
  • I researched the problem throughout different forum threads and summed it up in a blog post: http://michaelkowalczyk.eu/ricoh-gr/ricoh-gr-ii-closed-shutter-problem
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