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  • Finally a post about fixing the broken flex cable which causes the GR and GR II lens to power on with a closed shutter. https://tjtl.io/Repairing-my-Ricoh-GR-II
  • Replied in GR IV wishlist
    an interesting concept for the GReat and meaGR needs.^^ Or could it be be possible to have two shutter buttons, one on the left and one on right body side? This would make it a "inclusion camera" ...
  • The ND filter sits on top of the shutter behind the first lens element. (I took my GR II apart and posted a full disassembly video about it here . Watch from 20min for the lens part.) Dust will ...
  • If its mint than the price sounds fair. I sold my gm1 in a box the 12-32 kit lens for 190 EUR in August. Obviously IBIS is not on board. The smallest cam with IBIS I can recall right now is the ...
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    Orange is a nice one. Initially I sought the gm5 bt could not find one on German craigslist. After months of waiting a black gm1 with two lenses appeared for a good deal and I tried it. I liked ...
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    Thats a good sign no? I tried it before the price was too high :)
  • Created user review thread Capable micro43 friend
    The smallest, many features packed Camera with good image quality & built-in flash. Limited grip area to hold on to. Limited set of control buttons and dials, but get the job done. Used it mainly ...
  • Created question thread Find Cameras which support DNG ?
    Dpreviews Side by Side Comparison shows the supported image raw formats. The Camera feature Search has no filter for image raw formats in the image tab, only a generic Raw or no Raw. However the ...
  • Thanks for publishing the well documented GR III dissassemby here! As for the lens you might have a look at my GR II dissassembly video from @17min on -> ...
  • True. I recorded my GR disassembly up until removal of the front lens element. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VvFep15RTw People with who I wrote and a user comment for the spare part on Ali ...
  • A screen, especially the swivel one makes it bulky. Also it consumes most of the battery when used. So far no company (except Leica) dared think against the screen tradition and get rid of it. I...

  • The real retro deal would have been to strip it down to the essentials by removing the screen and giving it a nice big fast vf.

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