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Daspletosaurus: Somebody at Fuji product planning has really done their job. Really smart move. The APS-C and 35mm FF markets are saturated, whereas the low-end MF is fairly untapped, and I bet you the margins are going to be higher. The Pentax 645 is pretty much the only incumbent. Hasselblad had the same idea, but I actually think Fuji will have the initial advantage due to better lens selection at launch. Plus, unlike Hasselblad, Fuji doesn't have a higher-end product line to protect so they can go all out with later models.

I too have the 645z which other than sync speed, was a much better buy over Hasselblad, et al for my use. The 28-45 is a wonderful lens, and while the 120mm is a very nice 1:1 macro for the price, it could be a great lens. The CA when shooting around the ocean sometimes is just awful, but can be tamed with software like many other things; I'd rather pay $1k more for the lens and not have to worry about it! I'd love to see a 90mm with a leaf shutter option- then that lens would make more sense to me (stabilized, 2.8, leaf shutter)... that would be a slam dunk.

The 120 and 55mm lenses should've at least had a leaf shutter option. I miss the look of 6x7 and 6x9 (my fav), but being able to twirl a dial and shoot at 16,000 ISO on the fly is just too valuable to me. Digital definitely fits me best without a doubt.

Pentax needs to revamp the 645 lenses. If Pentax offers a 6x7 sensor, I'll be quiet! That said, I'm satisfied with the 645z. (slow sync = shameful though).

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PanchoVilla: Look huge and ugly! This makes FF look like M43 sized cameras and lenses!

photolando, at least you seem to understand the meaning of "medium format". You are 100% correct, it IS full frame for it's particular size in the medium format range of sizes. People need to stop using FF in reference to medium format and instead just say what medium format size they want to make a comparison to... otherwise it just sounds silly.

Wrong and Ridiculous = "The 50mp Hasselblad isn't a FF medium format camera"

Correct = "The 50mp Hasselblad's sensor size is smaller than a 645, 6x7 or 6x9 film negative" (which are all medium format).

RPJG, it's time that "everyone" stop bringing full frame into the medium format vocabulary. photolando is actually making a lot of sense and seems to be comprehending the meaning of medium format far better than many. "FF" also gives the wrong idea to many people who don't know that medium format denotes a range of film and sensor sizes as opposed to a specific size like "FF" typically means. photolando is 100% correct.

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PHtorino: take a bow Canon and Nikon!!!!

osan, it's not just about a "quality" advantage, but also about a features advantage as well. Until recently with new studio strobe technology, 35mm or "full frame" was restricted to syncing at 1/250, whereas medium format users have had the option to purchase lenses that allow syncing to 1/1600, and recently to 1/2000.

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ekaton: What a smart move from Fuji. The GFX does not cannibalize their X mount but rather complements it and will provide tough competition to FF offerings (think about a Leica SL).

16 bit vs. 14 bit isn't even worth discussing in real world shooting/post processing. You won't be telling the difference as the difference is for the most part "academic".

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Carl Mucks: It's huge for its 0.8x crop factor. It looks ugly. And it's likely behind every professional FF camera in every measurement. What to be fascinated about? -- Ridiculous price?

Fuji must have caught a Zika virus, how else to explain this microcephalic camera?

jnd... you need to stop looking at silly DXOmark scores and look at the real-world differences seen by actually using the cameras. Take a picture of shiny green leaf trees using the 5DR and 645Z and tell me if you readily see a difference. The 645Z will transition to white slower than the Canon. 1/3 stop better ISO performance? I've shot paid work using the 645Z at 16,000 ISO... please tell me how I would've done that using a Canon 5DS...

Wide angle photography looks difference on MF a lot of the time as well. There's far more to MF shooting than just pixels. What I'd like to know about the Fuji is whether or not it has a decent max sync speed.

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Wye Photography: I would not call a sensor 43.8 × 32.9mm medium format. I consider 645 as the smallest MF size with 4x4 and an in-between.

Wye, it's not about what *you* call it. It's about what "medium format" actually means. Simply put: Larger than FF and smaller than 5x4. That's it. There is no such thing as a "cropped" MF. It's either MF or it isn't.

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kletobias: So is the shutter in the lens? And any word on the maximum flash sync speed?

What I'd like to know as well. I hope the new Fuji will come with leaf shutter lenses in tow, because if so, maybe that would get Pentax to get up off of their behinds and have at least one leaf shutter option that can communicate with the focal shutter, etc.. I like having the focal shutter, but want leaf shutter options as well.

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wootpile: It's funny how a lot of people comment on this camera without understanding the tech/design/expected rendition of it, nor what it is for, or what type of photographer will be using it.

I'm sure lots of folks have been waiting for Fuji to go this big and it looks like a very nice product, made by a fine company that understands more about photography/photographers than the whole staff of Canon and Nikon bunched together.
Congratulations to the market who WILL be using it.

No one was "belittled" in the least. What wootpile stated was fact. MF isn't something most photographers are familiar with... and is why we keep hearing people use the phrase "cropped sensor" when there isn't such a thing when dealing with medium format since the term denotes a range of sensor or film sizes... not a particular size.

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sknai16: Very exciting. I'd go right from APS-C to MF. On another hand, why would you pay double for a different camera with the same sensor. You get pretty good quality from the 5DR.

sknai16.... The Canon is no slouch, however try shooting the 5DR (ISO 100-6400 with expansion to 12800, 50) at 16000 ISO and selling the resulting prints like you can with the 50mp MF Sony sensors.

I rest. ;)

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lacikuss: I don't understand this move from Fuji unless they want to lead the MF market. Obviously they can't lead in the MFT, APSC and FF so they choose to focus on MF. Let's see how that pans out.

I'll lay it out. Any camera manufacturer that isn't focused on MF today is already far behind. Had Canon got off its behind and got into the MF game 10 years ago, Phase/Mamiya wouldn't be here and Hasselblad would be selling their H series for under $10k. Canon should've gotten in bed with Schneider, Fuji or even Pentax years ago. Had Apple put their money into the game behind Pentax or Fuji (companies with MF experience) , we'd be looking at the gutting of the entire MF market and the subsequent domination by Apple.

FF is a marketing "has been" (unless manufacturers come out with some feature that totally wows prospective buyers). MF marketing is like dangling a filet mignon wrapped in bacon, rubbed with herbs, hint of garlic, and other spices in front of prospective customers eager to part with over $5k for a camera and $1.5k or more for lenses... whether they need the camera and lenses or not.

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About time! I don't know how many times I've posted that the "writing was on the wall." You don't have to have a special line on corporate secrets, just a shred of common sense. Look at the greater photographic landscape. FF is just running out of Oomph and marketability. There's technical reasons why MF has advantages but there's also a very basic marketing reality as well. FF isn't "shiny and new" compared to MF. Most photographers dont know MF was practically the most popular format decades ago... people too casually call MF a "specialize tool". It's not.

The only reason MF isn't as popular as it once was is due to system price. The only reason MF hasn't become smaller, better AF, etc., was because manufacturers like Hasselblad, Phase, Mamiya and Rollei could get away with it; like Ferrari got away with building trash in the 80's (I digress).

MF can't get away with a single focus point and poor electronics today. Margins are thin & competition is heating up...


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Nikonandmore: The Fuji looks awesome, but there isnt really an advancement in IQ or features. I have a Pentax 645z as my B-kit for certain shoots & from the 50MP bunch (PhaseOne Back, Hasselblad Back & X1D & now the Fuji) Pentax is still the most versatile & cost effective system, bar none😊 Aside from extracting more DR & ISO sensitivity then the Hassy & PhaseOne Backs do costing quadruple, it's truly a very versatile system that has already been out for over 2 years. THAT was real news then.

I use my 645z w/ my old Pentax 6x7II lenses via adapter. Heavy & manual focus onky, but KILLER glass, versatility & usability. In fact the main reason I bought the 645z was specifically to revive again all my 6x7II lenses😊If ONLY I could put a 100MP or higher digital sensor on my 6x7II.. dream on.

So to think now on cashing out 20 grand for the Fuji + 2 or 3 extra Lenses & STILL use the same sensor & resoluiton I already get now, is not exciting nor "news" to me. The Fuji is great, but no leap in any way..

I agree. I'll be hanging on to the Pentax 645z for a long time, though I'm really wanting tech to put a fire under its bottom and bring forth a 200-300mp sensor that gives us large format capability in a 6x7 or 6x9** medium format form factor. I've been wanting such for decades... and every few years tech gets closer to that reality.

If they created a 100mp 6x7 or 6x9 for under $15000, it would sell out quicker than you could spit! That would definitely make my ears wiggle.
What is great about the Fuji is that it's bolstering the MF options and will affect price across the board. The only thing keeping Phase from wetting itself is it's software, and lens range. If Fuji or Pentax add a full line of modern lenses with leaf shutters (I want to keep the focal shutter too though, don't remove it!) that professionals and artists are most likely to use, and great software, then Phase and Hasselblad will have two choices... gross price reduction or go out of business.

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mailman30: so what is a 63mm lens in 35mm terms with a sensor size of 43.8 × 32.9mm, as opposed to 24 x 36mm for 35mm?

Mick232... Nothing "arbitrary" or "cropped". "cropped" gives many not familiar with the format, the wrong idea. The 50mp Hasselblad or Pentax has no more of a "cropped" sensor than a Ford Ranger being less of a "pickup truck" because it has a smaller bed than a huge turbo diesel pickup truck. They're just different sized pickup trucks. Pickup truck denotes the type of truck.

Likewise medium format simply denotes a format larger than 35mm film and less than 5x4 film, and is comprised of many different sizes that fall in between the two, under the term "medium format". The Leica S2 for example isn't "cropped"... it's just a smaller sensor than what you find in a 100mp Phase. Medium format and Large format doesn't denote a particular film or sensor size but rather a range of sizes. Conversely, 35mm or FF is a specific size...

**** People are confused here because they don't know what medium format actually means. *****

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Ugo78: I've always heard that medium format was THE way for the shallowest DOF possible. Maybe it is correct for the analogic medium format, but it seems that it's not true anymore for the digital one, usually sporting a "mere" 0,6... crop factor (if not higher).
The FF system seems more capable of providing the shallowest DOF, offering lenses like 24 f1.4, 35 f 1.4, 50 f1.2, 85 f1.2, and so on...
Am I missing something?

Ugo78... you might be overlooking what happens realistically a lot of the time when shooting a fast lens. They're generally crummy wide open. The shallow DOF is greatly dependent on distance to the subject. Sure I can use a f/2 lens on my Canon, but that's no different than basically using a f/2.8 lens on a 645 MF body, and when I'm close to the subject, there's no way I'm going to shoot an 85mm 1.2 lens at 1.2 in the first place most of the time; like most people shooting to eat, I'm going to stop the lens down a stop or two. When I do that, the "fast lens advantage" is gone (however the gaping aperture does help the AF regardless of what f/x I'm using), and I'm missing out on the excellent high iso and colour range (dynamic rage) of using a large CMOS sensor found on the latest MF cameras. WA distortion is different between the two formats as well... etc...

Other than "action", I've seen no advantage using my FF bodies with any fast lens over shooting MF for actual work.

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bereninga: Perfect for some street photography!

I I've said the same thing recently about MF and street photography. I'd rather have MF in the street than a 1DX most of the time. I'll go a step further, I'd rather have a 6x9 with a manual focus lens than a 1DX in the street most of the time.

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endofoto: Flash sync 1/8000. You can shoot f2 and 1/4000 on the beach middle of the day.
Medium format lenses can sync only upto 1/800. This is the solution for portraitscapes.

vscd... interesting!

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Hans van Eijsden: 1/63.000? Let me guess.. at minimum power. What I would like to know is the combination of flash durations and power levels.

The Profoto tech info is on their site under that model strobe. Impressive and very useful specs. Looks like a wonderful light to have on location shoots (via power inverter).

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brn: Help me understand why this is such a big deal. My aging SB800 can have a flash duration as quick as 1/41,600.

@brn: "Help me understand why this is such a big deal. My aging SB800 can have a flash duration as quick as 1/41,600."

Ok. Take your camera *outside* and stop down to F16 with your shutter speed about 1/800. Now use your SB800 to stop motion.

(be sure to hang on to your SB800; wonderful speed light! I often use them as accent lights via pocket wizard no matter what type of camera I'm using)

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brn: Help me understand why this is such a big deal. My aging SB800 can have a flash duration as quick as 1/41,600.

RPJG .... "Why can't flashes stay on for the (relatively short) time needed to high speed sync with focal-plane shutters?"

That's how Priolites work.


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brn: Help me understand why this is such a big deal. My aging SB800 can have a flash duration as quick as 1/41,600.

DamienFL... Yes, I like the thought of juggling around 8 speed lights costing over $4,000 when I can use a $1,500 studio strobe and battery (external or internal) with a lot less fuss when shooting indoors or out. There's no way in the world I'd rather use my gaggle of SB800's over studio strobes.

Speed lights have their place in the world and are great in a lot of situations, but when it comes to most professional work (or otherwise), they pale in comparison to the versatility, price/performance, and straight forward ease-of-use of studio strobes. Having to worry about AA batteries of any kind is ridiculous when trying to get work done. Canon/Nikon should've replaced that old tech long ago.

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