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Been shooting for 55 years, and still have a lot to learn.


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Is spending $3000 more for identical results smart? Only if you are a camera snob, and flaunt your over priced gear.

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On article Sony FE 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G OSS sample gallery (85 comments in total)

I have one and really like it. For travel I use the 24-105 lens, because I really don't want to schlep both. I wish it had another 100mm on it. Then it would be perfect for wildlife. Use it on a 7RIII.

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I guess she got stuck on the details.

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Have never sold any of my old equipment. Still have my dark room equipment from the 60's. Just holding the old cameras that I have used through the years brings back memories of my youth, and the intensity that I felt for photography. There was something about developing your own film, and then watching the photos appear by magic in the toner.
Nowadays, you can take a zillion digital shot, and hope that one come out right. In the old poorer days, you had to husband your film, composing and checking your exposure and focus multiple times so that you don't waste the 36 frames on the film, or sometime you could get 37 or 38 if you loaded it carefully, or spooled it yourself.

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KoolKool: sorry, this article won't work with thick wallet people

You don't need a thick wallet with thin credit cards! If I were a rich man-da da da da da da (Fidder On The Roof), I'd buy a new car, a new camera and a new wife every year.

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On article Mendel Mendlowits, founder of Adorama, has passed away (83 comments in total)

They were at the top of my list for purchases. Some of their competitors would call after I placed an order, and try to up-sell me, but I never had that problem with Adorama, or B&H. May he enter the gates of Heaven.

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Wow- Thanks for sharing them. Had a similar experience. Old photos and negatives of family and people who shall remain unknown forever. I scanned every slide and negative I could find in the multiple boxes in which they were stored and send a hard drive with all of the family pictures to all of my kids.

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leewardism: I am one of those who came from film and I had built up a range of quality glass from Minolta. Back then you we’re loyal to a brand and all the system bits you just had to have. So the mentality back then was invest in a camera, buy the kit to support it and 5 yrs later make the jump to a later model camera. That was the reason it simply moved to Sony and brought the lenses, seamless. I saw the logic and still do. Now the mount has finished and I am at A99 mk2 . Really I can’t see the need to change, it would just be a small increment add on, and I ask myself, am I still happy? Damn right.

I too, go back to the Minolta SLR body, and followed it to Konica Minolta, then to Sony. When they made the switch to mirrorless, I followed. When they went full frame, it meant a new mount and new lenses, and again I followed. I could have changed brands, but I stuck with Sony, a dumb luck decision(I picked Beta over VHS). Now I am sticking with this 7RIII body for the foreseeable future.

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Thanks. now I won't feel so bad not running out to buy a new camera body. Unfortunately, a new body (camera) won't make me any more talented.

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That is the most worthless piece of crap imaginable! The biggest waste of sixty dollars imaginable. However, the posts about this are even more stupid!

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On article The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras (233 comments in total)

Took the 24-105 to China. Impressive lens. Have the 70-300 for wildlife. Also impressive. The only problem is deciding which one to use! Wish they were lighter though.

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