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schaki: So, no GPS connectivity at all? Pretty bad if that's it, otherwise I might have been interested in the 18-50 or 24-85mm. The Wi-fi and Bluetooth connections seems only to be used for remote-control and "sharing" with Snapbridge :/
Seems like I'll go with my somewhat bulky Ricoh Caplio 500SE with the Gps for another year. That's not too bad as the image quality is reasonably good but it is a little bulkier than I would like.

Snapbridge for gps.

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funnybeingme: Nikon DL 18-50. Finally a wide angle compact camera that I can take backpacking! Why omit the built in flash that's on the DL 24-85? ugh!

Add SB5000....... Now we're talking fun.

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Anton Marcu: Does it have to look like it was designed by LEGO.

Also, if it's targeted at "rough" play, can they make the buttons be usable with gloves

Like the Nikon AW-120/AW-110 Jeff?

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Heie2: I'm a Pentax fan, and while I prefer the WG series, the first to allow RAW shooting will get my money.

Please. SOMEONE.



And the Nikon AW-1?
It shoots RAW, has interchangeable lenses, you can use filters via the 40.5mm filter thread.
It's an incredible camera and seems to tick the boxes of all of the above comments.

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Robgo2: All but the most fanatical Nikon fans will have to agree that 24MP for an entry level camera is truly absurd. The phrase "wretched excess" is an understatement in this case.


Expeed 3 processor, same as the D4 and D800. Slow as a dog?

Interesting to read the statements on this release and compare them to the initial D800 responses. Go back and revisit the D800 comments now people have the camera in their hands, it makes for an amusing read. I think we should wait before we pass judgement.

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IeraseU: It's undoubtedly a nice camera, but price point is everything. Either you sell it to enthusiasts who demand certain mainual controls and features, or to the mainstream soccer mom segment that doesn't want to spend too much on a camera.

Nikon is not Apple. You just can't create a wave of excitement for a $650 or $900 camera among casual shooters given the current economic climate.

I wonder are these the same soccer mums/moms that drive large expensive SUV's instead of cheap chinese cars? These are the people who will get a shot of their kid with motion snapshot or smart photo selector and be amazed, they will justify the cost based on the photo and they will tell all of their friends as well. The y also will not know or care about sensor size. Probably have no idea what dpreview is and will probably get the leather cases to match. Nikon in the mean time will be busy at creating your new amazing pro DSLRs and also keeping the compact camera user happy.
They are all markets important to Nikon and other camera manufacturers. Except Olympus/Panasonic who don't have a DSLR family.

If you have played with the Nikon 1 you have to be extremely excited about the future of your next DSLR and also very pleasantly surprised at the speed and performance of the Nikon 1. I know I am.

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Color Blotch: Again and again Nikon 1 looks like a good showing of technological potential wrecked by a marketing decision. Using a smaller sensor doesn't reduce size, doesn't reduce cost, and it doesn't really help with anything that is good with these cameras as all the remarkable results that Nikon managed to get with them could just as well be achieved with sensor of bigger size. It's a kind of loss that gives you no gains in return, something that is pretty difficult to overcome when fighting for customers on increasingly crowded and competitive market.

The smaller sensor size could just be the best selling feature for a lot of people. Think of the size of a 300mm equivalent lens on a Sony NEX or m4/3rds. Then compare that to the kit lens on of the V1/J1. Then think 300mm and the speed of this camera and you have a pretty amazing offering.

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Camp Freddy: Nikon fanboys had better hope spending serious cash on better lenses improves the performance: sharpness, contrast, gradation/tonal depth are all struggeling against the g12 and XZ1. mFT is far better.

Also launching a camera with such poor ISO performance in the ILC sector now is just plain dumb.

Great response to the Oly fanboy. This camera is not meant to be a DSLR replacement. Nikon have DSLR's MFT's users don't have much of an upgrade path. The mass market that are going to buy this camera probably don't even know what DPReview is.

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