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  • Regarding "lots of junk with Leica name on it", I'd be more concerned about "Asian optics groups" rather than private equity funds...

  • I wish they make a digital FF Lynx 14e. But in reality most likely it will be another "unprecedented" overpriced nonsense with Yashica name on it...

  • Roland, Leica's been making digital rangefinders for a long time. Why can't Yashica make something similar, maybe not FF, but APS-C sized sensor, with Fuji type manual controls and packed with film...

  • Oh, I'd love to see a comeback of wonderful Yashica rangefinders in digital form!

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X-E3 Review

    Hey, maybe Fuji have plans for the xe4 already, who knows? :) With all these issues addressed.
    So far I'm disappointed, but feel better at the same time that I can keep my xe2 with no doubt and...

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X-E3 Review

    Agree again! And those are exactly my turn-away points! Replacing physical buttons with touch screen ones contradicts the whole Fuji thing about manual control camera IMO.
    I was waiting for this...

  • Commented on article Hands-on with new Fujifilm X-E3

    We all are so spoiled by technology! :)))
    Hey, even my 1st digital camera - Minolta A1 had a tilt screen! When I take it in my hands now, I laugh, but back then it was a $1K 5MP masterpiece! 😁

  • Commented on article Hands-on with new Fujifilm X-E3

    I do a lot of ground level photos (car shows, for example) and I wish my xe2 had a flip. Have to use other cameras instead. Don't feel like lying on the ground.
    And, if they already made a 90 deg....

  • Commented on article Hands-on with new Fujifilm X-E3

    Dave, no offence, but to my eyes thinking that flip screen is just for selfies, looks silly as well.

  • Commented on article Hands-on with new Fujifilm X-E3

    No articulating screen and ISO dial, flash is gone... Thanks, Fuji! I'm keeping my XE2 and my wallet is happy. :)

  • Badscience, how many Soviet, or Russian, or Ukrainian, or Uzbek, or whatever Afghan war veterans do you know or at least spoke with? You're a pathetic demagogue, typical keyboard warrior, picking...

  • Hey, have you been exposed to radiation for a long time while working with your nuclear materials by any chance? When you are reading someone's comments and replying to them, try to use whatever...

  • "i personally resent seeing anyone disparage the American soldier

    they put their life on the line for what they believe is right they follow orders"
    Cosinaphile, i have to break out agreement and...

  • ...and you're right behind your keyboard talking things you have no freakin' idea about. go get some coloring books, snowflake. I'm done with you here.

  • lol, you're so pathetic. I did'n give you an answer, but you already answered for me.
    Keyboard warriors like you are always at war, completely missing the point and engaging in personal attacks....

  • What an absurd and degrading question

  • Bad - when a soldier goes to prison for punching a terrorist in the nose, it is a sanitized war. When the crucial combat decisions are made in Washington by corrupt politicians, whoes main concern...

  • Why not learn on Russian experience? They couldn't win there, and they weren't as ceremonious as politically correct US forces. It is impossible to win a ground war there unless you turn the entire...

  • Because the war is sanitized too. That's why it's going on for 16 yrs with no win

  • Just amazing!!! I'm speechless

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