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(unknown member): With that body design, it is guaranteed to get and stay dirty. What is the ribbing for, "heat dissipation?" :)

From what I understand it's an aluminum case and the ribbing is for heat dissipation because the camera is designed to run for long periods. So your guess is very good :)

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On article CP+ 2017: Hands-on with new Voigtländer E-mount primes (117 comments in total)

I am very curious about what they weight? Any chance to find out?

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On article CP+ 2016: Things we found that had been cut in half (136 comments in total)

I would like to see a video of how this is actually done.

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On article Lytro Desktop 5.0 introduces depth-based image editing (40 comments in total)

Disappointing that this new software is available for Windows PC only.

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On article Lytro unveils Immerge, a pro-grade light field VR rig (55 comments in total)

Wonderful, I wish them great success. Now if they can only update is the Mac and iOS apps to work with El Capitan and iOS 9, because right now my Lytro camera is a paperweight until I can get the images off of it.

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I've owned the first two thetas. It's an amazing device and I'll preorder the new one for sure!!!

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I might be the person that actually suggested this a few years ago? LOL! I prefer a backpack when traveling internationally and doing documentary work and environment portraiture. For a long while I was using a non photography backpack that had side pockets that allowed me to change lenses without actually taking the entire backpack off of my back. This allowed me to work rapidly on the move and it kept the gear from being at risk in dodgy locations. Also sometime you are in a wet or dirty environment where you don't want to put your pack on the floor to get to gear. This also allowed me to avoid using a special belt packs or a fanny pack for the gear, so I don't look like a photographer all the time. The whole thing is quite discreet, until you need to take pictures. Sadly my old backpack fell apart after 10 years of use and I never found another pack like it. I was hoping that a camera bag maker would actually fill this need. So I say bravo Thinktank for filling this need.

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On article Is it true? New service detects processed photos (89 comments in total)

I vaguely remember hearing an interview a few years back on NPR radio, where a computer scientist found a way to detect if a shot had been altered in Photoshop. He was using this technology for legal/court cases, etc. I wonder if this is a by-product of that guy?

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On article FroKnowsPhoto's Video Guide on sale (142 comments in total)

Jared is an enterprising young man, with a strong point of view, a morning radio show personality as well as a distinctive follicular silhouette. If he can market himself and sell some products and in the process teach photo techniques. Then I say more power to him.

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I am convinced that by the end of 2014, there will be at least a dozen major Music Video's with scenes shot with this lens.

This kind of lens is not my cup of tea. But I can see that is has a unique look and a creative cinematographer could do some interesting things with it.

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Boerseuntjie: Stanley Kubrick was a ingenious filmmaker and Barry Lyndon was a visual masterpiece.

All that you say is true. But let us all bear in mind that a lot of the credit for "Barry Lyndon" is shared by the late cinematographer John Alcott B.S.C.

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(unknown member): I received the confirmation e-mail but I don't see a serial number...

I just installed it and it did not need any serial numbers, like before! Give it a try

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I only bought the bundle for Aperture, years ago before they came out with HDR Efex Pro. I got an email link today and installed it. Now I have all the new versions of the plug-ins, plus HDR Efex Pro in both my Aperture and Photoshop! Tested them and they work fine! I could not be happier!!

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On article Nikon updates firmware for discontinued CoolPix P7000 (37 comments in total)
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newe: Why is this stated as an "unusual step" if there are still this many problems to fix? Seems to me Nikon should upgrade the firmware on an on-going basis as this is not a throw-away camera...or is it?

The only other camera maker that I know of that regularly issues performance enhancing firmware updates (in addition to bug fixes) to discontinued cameras is Ricoh.

This is a classy move by Nikon and I applaud them!

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On article Ricoh GR Digital IV Preview (187 comments in total)
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jpr2: if only Ricoh took heed of the recent uproars created by built-in VFs of x100 and Nex7 :( !!


I have a GRD3 with a GV-2 viewfinder. There is a focus confirmation light near the hot-shoe which you can easily see when using the optional optical viewfinder. This is a clever feature that I believe was later copied by the excellent Leica X1

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TheTeh: To me lens matters more than camera body be it mirror or mirrorless.

M. Jesper: if you want a mirrorless with a pro DSLR level UI , look at the Ricoh GXR

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