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ci-lee: Despite the minute 'upgrade', the K5-family is still a great DSLR, stacking up well against any APS-C and smaller system. Previous posts have questioned the lack of appeal when stacked up to the new wave of mirrorless models, let alone competitive APS-C DSLR's but I own an X-Pro 1 and can name a few key points:

- the weather/shock proof design & durable pro-grade shutter. Only the OMD (and K30) is sealed and while being a M43, isn't so compact comparatively when lens, grip, etc are attached. And compared to other DSLR's it's def smallish.

- the button layout is incredibly well done. The AF switch stands out in particular. I got my X-Pro 1 bc being able to make adjustments tactilely and with the camera at eye-level make the camera a more useable tool. The Pentax trumps that and just about any other camera close to its price tag and def below...a plus for sports, street and candid photography.

- AF Speed. Many MILC's claim super fast focusing but I don't know of any that dont struggle in AF-C and low light. The K5 is ver good at focusing.

- Price. For those looking to build a new system, the original K5 can be had with the weather resistant kit lens for $900 in the US! It'll only be a matter of months before a similar drop will be seen in te successors. Good deal for anyone looking for a great camera.

The K-30 handles quite well, and the design does not impede use in any way.

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Judging by the time it takes to load anything, they seem to be generating a lot of interest. Either that, or the applet is just lame - literally in this case.

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