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A keen amatuer back in the film days, now looking for my way back in. Favourite camera is Nikon 35Ti, coveted the Contax T3, and want to know if the X100 is my way back. I have a D70 and Fujifilm F30 at moment.


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I think to focus on the 'theory' leads to academic arguments that will never be resolved in this forum. I think the real message is that to get great composition you need awareness of more than the single focus point.

To illustrate this, when you start sketching portraits off a photo - or anything for that matter, you often get caught trying to draw a head/face. If you turn the photo you are copying upside down and focus on drawing lines and shade - you invariably get a better result. Especially if you break it down into say a 9 area grid.

To translate to this article - when taking a photo, you need to be aware of the lines, shades, space rather than just the direct subject of your photograph.

If this uses the right, or left, or both sides of the brain i couldn't care less!

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