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not impressed.

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1/ Hardly an innovation. Much is copied from Sony. It's more of a tweaked Sony than a new standard. 2/ Any gain in IQ for 45mp versus 36mp would be in the mind of the beholder. The difference in pixels is less than 10% per axis, which cannot be discerned or rendered with today's monitors. 3/ Very high price point, which eliminates a large market segment. 4/ Enables legacy Nikkor glass, but cumbersome. 5/ With new smartphones ever increasing their photo qualities and conveniences, the market for this expensive camera is shrinking daily.

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I like everything about the 1.2/40mm except the price. $1K ! ouch. I can think of many legacy 50mm lenses that will give near identical IQ, but without the chipset. For view, the only difference between 40mm and 50mm is about one human step to the rear.

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Though I can appreciate the objective of this review is to include as many factors as possible, most of the factors are entirely subjective and really off base for what I consider to be valid for any camera. My criteria are simple: image quality, ability to manually control all aspects of the camera as and when I want, and flexibility to use legacy lenses. The A7R meets this 100%.

The A7R has the world's best sensor. period. To take advantage of this, you will need the world's best lenses. period. Combined with a good photographer, you will get the world's best images. period.

Its the image that counts.

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Galbertson: Some serious blogs regarding shutter shake on A7R. My intent is to find light system, certainly not dependent upon sandbags and added weight to pack. I will be on strong tripod, shooting mostly in multiple to 1/15th second, rarely hand held. I could solve shake issue with A7, but need better IQ of A7R.

Have any of you face this issue, and what was your results?

To add, will be shooting mostly manual lenses 24-150mm. I believe this shake is diminished with this range of lenses, but the word diminish scares me. What can i expect? Would certainly not want to buy entire system only to realize images not ideal for sensor and needing to return...if i am permited.

Using an OSS lens, the shake is not an issue. Shake becomes an issue when 2 factors are combined: the photographer and legacy lens. Shake has always been a problem for SLR days, with the flipping mirrors: we simply learned to compensate. If you can't adjust yourself, you may experience shake. For the A7R specifically, the bulkier the lens and the longer the length, the more apparent the shake may become. This is why I do not use SLR lenses longer than say 75mm, but do use RF lenses up to 135mm, hand held without much problem from shake. After 135, SLR lenses must be used, and these are heavy and bulky, and thus must be tripod mounted on the lens. A monopod helps at all times, and I use this for 90mm RF lenses to obtain perfectly sharp photos when the job is critical. True, the shake is the one aspect of the camera I would like to see resolved entirely; but as it is now, it is mostly overblown by people who cannot adjust to the camera.

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Galbertson: On A7R, with metabones adapter, how would nikon 35mm f1.4 compare in IQ to carl zeiss FE 35mm f1.8?

Ps, nikon is older manual F lens


the CZ has superior IQ.

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Galbertson: Has anyone, reviewer or photographer with A7R, test IQ from various prime lenses from Nikon, Canon, Leica, Voightlander, of course with apprpriate adapter? It would be a fabulously interesting comparison. Especially curious how truly sharp the older preAF lenses.
Thanks, gary

to see photos from legacy lenses, go to Flickr (lots there). in general, the A7R sensor is extremely sensitive to lens quality and will show faults very easily. as a rule, I have found only the Zeiss Planar design comes up to the level of the sensor without postpro or apps. Distagon is another excellent lens. Leica has colour shift on the A7R and requires postpro or the add-on lens app. I have seen excellent results with Minolta 50. All others are hit or miss, so you need to experiment.

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made in Germany, or Japan?

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