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On article CP+ 2017: Hands-on with new Voigtländer E-mount primes (116 comments in total)
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Dimijis: Can someone enlighten me as to why a manual lens that communicates EXIF data is such a big advantage ?
Will it make me better pictures ? will it get me more clients ? or make my life overall more fulfilled ?
Coz I would argue that a lens void of any electronics that can fail is more of an advantage.

It allows the IBIS system to take focal length into the equation, producing better stabilization, depending on information it can/will also provide distance information

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So the 'pro' cannot be used with standard projectors, you can't hook up your multi display setup without a bunch of adapters and you can't read your images directly from card. Basically they dropped the 'pro' and went the air route (I wonder if that reflects the air in their heads). If I'd want a faster Air, I'd ask for a faster air, Apple, you are mixing up your audiences...

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mmrezaie: This camera is perfect for me only if there was a way I could find a quality prime around 24mm like the 23mm f2 of Fuji. I am looking for something very light in that zone.

It may be expensive, but by now we can say they are committed to the mount and good glass keeps a lot of its value. If I ever wanted to sell it I'd get a pretty good price for it.
I won't sell it though :)

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NowHearThis: Nice! The NEX-7 MKII. About time. Minus the Tri-Navi, but ops for Fast AF and a Touchscreen, both were things my NEX7 desperately needed.

My thoughts exactly on the mk2, still really like the tri-navi and the images coming from the n7 mkI though... at least when it breaks I know what to buy if not fullframe

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On article Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... (562 comments in total)

Thank you DPReview, that article must have helped

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As my phone already does 4K video, it kind of makes sense to try and get to 8K before the competitive phone market reaches that first and shames the DSLR/videography community :)

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balios: I see the word stronger and harder being used interchangeably. The problem is that a substance can be 4x harder and resist scratching, but be prone to breaking from impact.

From the text they're saying the coating is harder. So I suspect the underlying glass is the same. While the coating may be durable, coatings don't add strength to the base material. So I wouldn't be using this filter as a ballistic shield, as the glass will break just as easily as before.

Coatings and layers can add strength (or enduring flexibility) to the base material, and quite a lot... depending on the material of the coating.
But ignoring all the marketing fluff, I'd like to see some decent tests done on filters, there was an excellent test several years ago, but it does not seem to be something that is kept up to date. If the filters get in the cheap lens price territory (and some of my Zeiss ones go above that), I'd love to see some subjective testing instead of just marketing fluff

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On article Canon warns about dangers of counterfeit camera gear (154 comments in total)
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samfan: I've read a story about a fake Canon flash about a year ago. The dude bought the flash online and one of the secondary features wasn't working properly, so he took it to a Canon dealer to check it out. They were trying to make the flash work for hours until finally they called a technician who eventually noticed some differences and figured out the flash was fake.


On the other hand, there are rally good really cheap flashes available. I'd guess that if the makers of these fakes don't want to be found out immediately and hurt their business, I'd assume the insides of these fakes would be at least half-decent. But no guarantee of course... It can be the cheapest, most dangerous crap. Flashguns are dangerous stuff.

The cost to produce them is significantly closer to 50 cents than 50$

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On article Analysis: Sony a7R II and RX100 IV autofocus systems (747 comments in total)
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Hugo600si: That is pretty impressive, fortunately there is still the price to put me off (as in the misses won't agree... really want this one as my next upgrade now :) )

I bought my last 3 camera's on the day of introduction, I think I will finally do the wize thing and wait a few months :)

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On article Analysis: Sony a7R II and RX100 IV autofocus systems (747 comments in total)

That is pretty impressive, fortunately there is still the price to put me off (as in the misses won't agree... really want this one as my next upgrade now :) )

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tarsus: $1200 for a 2x zoom? Take a couple of steps and save yourself a ton of money.

At these wide angles (15mm is 100.4 degrees and 30mm is 61.9 degrees), you more then double the distance, can be quite some steps... I hope you have the space. For a nice mountain range you would have to move back a few miles

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Al_10D: Still no portrait lens, like FE 85mm F/1.4 and 135mm F/2?
Still no F/2.8 zooms?
Way to go, Sony, make more bodies!

The quality of the 135 on a-mount is a brand enhancer, imo they should get the 135/1.8 to FE with priority. May not be cost effective for them though and how much are they willing to invest for brand name...

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samhain: I just can't take any full frame system that doesn't have a 50/1.4 seriously. That should've been the FIRST lens they released.
85/2 or 90/2 should've been 2nd.

7 new lenses later and still no dedicated portrait lens, with the only 'fast' lens being a wide angle?

The only lens in that entire lineup that's even halfway appealing is the 35/1.4, and that's a focal length that I've never felt the need to have a lens faster than f2.

I just don't get Sony cameras. Every new product, I'm left feeling the same way: Close, but no cigar.
One of these days they'll nail it.

@Samhain, You rather have a 50/1.4 less excellent wide open gradually improving when stopping down over a 1.8 at insane quality at all apertures? For all the issues with the lineup people may have, I find the 50mm range is the one area that is worth buying into the system with the 55/1.8.
People have different needs of course, but for me tells the story. That 55 is pretty impressive next to the holy grail Otus

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Joachim Gerstl: As much as I love the design of the 1.4/35 I think a 2/35 would have been the better option. Now you can decide in-between a slow and small 35 or a super fast but fat and big one.
2/35 would have been a very good compromise to keep size and weight reasonable.

I bought the nex-7 at launch with the 24/1.8 Zeiss without a kit zoom as I (partially) was hoping for a proper zoom lens, it took a little long to get the 16-70z but it was a blast to use with just the one lens, the converter offering my other lenses was used only once. So yes, some people do buy into a system a bit early, but only if camera A offers what they want, and not for the 50 odd lenses at exotic prices they would never buy of camera B which does not do all they need to begin with (too heavy and bulky for example). Now if camera B suits your needs that will be the way to go

Btw, I don't decide in the store, I decide ahead of time, which I think most people do for camera's in this range. People have different needs, there is a market for fixed lens pro grade camera's so what is the difference, with Sony FE you get a chance for some more options in the future... just don't hold your breath :)

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On article Nikon D750 Review (2018 comments in total)
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Frank C.: That dumbed down 1/4000 and 1/200 x-sync is hard to swallow nonetheless

HowaboutRAW: I'm not saying the a7mk2 is a better camera, by all means I like the D750 spec over it and image quality at higher ISO is also no discussion point nor is AF speed (that compressed raw is overstated though, over 100k craw images here and I am yet to spot an artifact).

Key thing is that Nikon is tuning back features on its own camera's for distinction and their competition stopped doing that.

FYI, Minolta's have had HSS (high speed sync) since 1993 so up to 1/8000, but somewhat limited from 1/250 upward. Flash was the one area where Minolta ruled for a long time, not that that prevented them from going down and being gobbled up by Sony.

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On article Nikon D750 Review (2018 comments in total)
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Frank C.: That dumbed down 1/4000 and 1/200 x-sync is hard to swallow nonetheless

HowaboutRAW, I think the mistake from Nikon is that its cheaper Sony rival a7 mk2 does have a 1/8000 shutter speed and 1/250 flash sync. These two values have been used to distinguish between top and sub top models since the 70's I think, but I doubt it is the right thing to do in this age.

Link | Posted on Dec 20, 2014 at 15:23 UTC
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HowaboutRAW: 463 comments, and not counting this one, two or three mention the fact that the camera is ONLY available in Japan for now.

But an A9 after announcing a professional support network... highly likely

Link | Posted on Nov 20, 2014 at 15:57 UTC
On article Sony G Series XQD format v.2 memory cards introduced (43 comments in total)
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AksCT: I recall paying $500 for 500MB Sandisk CF card, which was the fastest and largest CF at that time (it is listed at $31 on Amazon today).
With increased speed, the bottleneck of buffer-disk transfer can be resolved and the limiting factor would become sensor speed and disk capacity. This would be wonderful for those needing to do high-speed full resolution long sequence.

I remember paying 490 NLG (about 230 euro) for a 20 MB harddrive... it would not even fit one of my 24 MPix shots today :)

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On photo Turtles in the Turtles challenge (1 comment in total)

Love the sandbagging vote... (mild frustration growing slowly).

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bajanexile: I own the Sony ILCE-7R and experience wobble with the Sony FE 70-200mmf/4 OS lens. I strongly suspect that the Plastic Shim/Seal is there as part of the weather sealing design to prevent the entry of moisture. You probably need to be aware that its removal may make the camera system less weather proof. I don't take images in the rain so it is not an issue. Regarding fitting the Fotodiox Tough E-Mount, I would suggest cutting a clean lens cleaning tissue to a size such that it can carefully be placed inside the opening above the sensor, preferably not directly on to the sensor. You want to avoid at all costs dropping the screws onto the surface of the sensor. Common sense and some care will suffice. If you are one of lifes ham fisted individuals then forget it. I have mine on order and will report the efficacy of "the fix" in due course. Steve

You can also unscrew these type of things from below, so the screws fall away from the subject. If you don't have a clamp you can use a tripod pointing the camera down.
Assembly is a bit trickier, but with the cam facing forward instead of down it is doable and a lot safer if you want to minimize risk of sensor damage.

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