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boho: you are saying that I should lower my standards in order not to harm your business. aren’t you?

you must have guts mr.

Lower standards, absolutely not. Read Lightroom above and you'll understand my point. To state it alternatively; human inventions have limits and tolerances, thus, if you expect perfection you'll be disapointed. Everything you purchase carries with it a warrantee of merchantability. This means it should do the thing it was designed to do, and if it doesn't get a refund or exchange. But don't expect perfection.

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On article Variation Facts and Fallacies (231 comments in total)

How novel: things, like mankind itself are imperfect. The Hubble space telescope mirror needed replacement even though it cost millions of dollars and was the most precisely engineered optic element in history.

Imperfect creation notwithstanding, we posses free will to endeavor to greater heights. Witness the accomplishments of Bach, Einstein, Michael Jordan and Salk-Sabin. But with that come measuring tools and improved insight to reveal flaws. Concomitant is the demand for perfection. The author, taking the human condition into account, warned us of this.

We demand greater, more innovative and clever assemblies to reach the euphoria we experienced once upon a time. I too would like a car that gets the equivalent of 100mpg, 0-60 in 3 seconds, seats 5 adults comfortably, has every electronic device imaginable, can manuever better than an F22, and almost never needs service.

There remains a lot we can learn from our forefathers, chief among them our own humanity.

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