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NDT0001: What a joke this is. His entire career is based upon on this type of conduct. And now all of a sudden the fashion industry is running for cover to avoid guilt by association? He never made any attempts to hide his methods and results yet he’s been hired by these publications for years. In a lot of ways I applauded him for at least being transparent about his position. On the other hand you have The magazines and blogs who feed off his perversity and now wish to take the moral high ground only because it may affect their readership. No prospective model can ever claim that they didn’t know what kind of material he produces and the methods he uses to achieve it no matter how young or naive.

"I'm guessing now, but I'm assuming these photos ARE the sexual exploitation."

I think if you searched for information on victims and accusers instead of his photos, you would find the problems are in regards to his behavior, and not his photos.

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Exciting to see this. I hope this comes to fruition.

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On article Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera (890 comments in total)
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jhinkey: I don't get all the "retro" comments. Almost every digital camera in production today has some form of previous film camera design component to it. Why is that? - Because the ergonomics worked. Middle placed hump for the EVF allows for good hand-holding with longer/heavier glass and is better for left-eyed folks.
Top control dials allow quick assessment of basics important settings and adjustments w/o having to hold down two buttons or dive into a menu - this works for some, perhaps not for others though. Heck, even a left-side placed EVF (like my GX7) is a throw back to rangefinder designs and some find it better for shooting for their particular way.
Who cares if it's a "retro" design as long as the ergonomics work well and the all-important innards are top knotch in performance!

I think what would make sense is to ditch the shutter speed dial and move the ISO dial to the right side

If you are shooting in shutter priority or manual mode, you would miss the easy acces to 1/3 steps and aperture priority makes the dial redundant

To me that would be the best fusion of old and new

You would have aperture in you left hand on the lens, ISO & ec on he right thumb and shutter speed on the right pointer finger via dial on the front

No need to move hands while shooting

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