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GrapeJam: Sure, now make it full frame and add a bigger battery.

It's a no win situation. People shout for days "make it FF and I'll consider it". Then a FF option comes out and you'll hear "it's way too big and heavy and too expensive".

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sts2: This is the first camera that makes me seriously consider mirrorless. The concept itself is basically the best of both worlds: mirrorless technology, and pro-DSLR build quality and ergonomics.
And with the X-Pro, X-T and X-H, they basically offer a body type option for everyone. Indeed, hard not to love Fuji (and I don't own one (yet)) ;-)

I leave mine in T and use the rear scroll to fine tune, easier than setting it to say 1/60 and having to use the rear scroll up or down.

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I had a chance to meet Elia at Photo Plus this past October and he could not have been a nicer person to talk to. It was a few minutes before his presentation but he took the time to talk about gear and travels.

I'd love to go out and travel the world like Elia and other photographers like this but one common thing I see is either they're solo or with spouse. Silly kids tying me down from my travels. Like costing $283k to raise isn't bad enough.

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Narretz: Internal focus? Nice!
I hope dpreview shows when the aperture drops from 2.8.

Most new lenses are internal focus now, I can't think of one standard zoom off the top of my head that's internal zooming. Most of the internal zooming lenses are of the telephoto variety. The 12-34, 12-40, 12-100, etc all telescope when zooming.

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tkbslc: And m4/3 just jumped the shark.....

That's until Panasonic releases their GH5 for $2,499.

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straylightrun: If Canon makes an M4 with integrated viewfinder in a rangefinder style body and a standard f/2.8 zoom, they can easily overtake Sony's APS-C range, especially with their name alone. Sony has pretty much given up on it anyway and is focusing on FF.

The 24 f/1.8 is the gem of the Sony APS-C line. The Touit 12 and 32 are solid lenses as well that suffer from noisy AF motors, but the rendering is nice. The other lenses are decent but these three in addition to the 35, 50, and 10-18 are a decent start.

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bardick: Surprise, surprise, Sony came out number one. How can you compare cameras such as the Canon 5D Mk. III and Nikon Df, both of which have been on the market for several years, to the Sony A7II which has been on the market only a few months. A stupid and pointless report.

5DSR was announced by Canon in 2/15, the a7rII by Sony in 6/15. Not that much difference in life between the two.

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Advent1sam: To leave the Fuji Xpro-2 out of this collection is very disturbing!

Must've not read the first few lines that say they look at cameras costing $2,000 and up. Unless you purposely want to pay a pice premium for yours.

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Lawrencew: A version of this with a fixed 24-70 F2.8 zoom would be very interesting

(yes I could buy a A7RII instead, but this would still be a smaller package)

Why stop at 2.8, why not ask for a 24-105 f/2?

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wildbild: Bummer, this one! Finally some quirky not too quirky camera that really delivers some awesomeness! Want it, if it sells below, say $1500.

Thanks for that code! Used it, final price is $899. Wouldn't think about it for $1,699, interested at $1,299, looking forward to it at $899.

I haven't done something like this before, but reading that I can cancel prior to shipping without obligation, it's worth putting down a reservation for $899.

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