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zak302pa: Review of this article: verbose - should not take 40 pages to get point across, the conclusions ran 2+ pages with an open-ended quest for more work (funding?) to be done. Results were predictable and unremarkable. (I tried to keep this short with no references to family !!!!!!!!!!!!!)

40 pages? That article needs to be reviewed... and edited.

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Michaels7: I read the reviews, but there are two things that I do beyond this. I go to YouTube and watch the actual owners give both a hands on, their feedback and feelings on the product. Second, I do my own hands on by heading to the stores and testing the products out.

Yes, YouTube reviews are wonderfully revealing! It's more of the personal touch, if you will.

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I read negative reviews very carefully. One star given because a shipment was late, or the color isn't really scarlet but wine, or the person doesn't actually know how to use a camera, isn't a real review.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX1R Preview (119 comments in total)

This reminds me of the old stereo receiver/amp/pre-amp crap, when you had to look at an oscilloscope to see any differences. To the human ear, there was no difference between .0001% distortion and .0002%, just as to the human eye, at the size you're actually going to be viewing photos, there is no discernible difference between these two cameras and a dozen others out there.

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I applaud anyone who uses their imagination and ingenuity to do things Hollywood wastes millions on, but come on, this is merely a rotating camera rig. A very well-made one, for virtually no money, but not bullet-time.

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On article Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor (757 comments in total)

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... oh, wait, they're serious...

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On article Classic lines when clients want you to work for free (141 comments in total)
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Nishi Drew: Yes, reality is there are people who would work for free, especially by those that think it's just a cool enough opportunity (I was there) and that doesn't help anyone. That someone who shot for free gets nothing, anyone else he replaced definitely gets nothing, and the opportunity for that shoot is gone, unless the results are stunning. But one can't go far shooting for free, do that and it could let others know that you're "cheap" and competing purely on value is not a good position as opposed to "getting the job done, and with great results".

Too often I cave in to doing a no-pay gig though, but as always, keep a good attitude and I'll do the best I could with the limitations at hand (no pay means no rentals too) and often I'll at least get unexpected food/transportation covered and that's great. Otherwise, only for family should anything be free, for friends it's a choice, but still respectable to pay/be paid some compensation.

Josh, that's a great idea! Thanks, I'm going to do that!

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On article Leica teases 'Mini M' for 11th June release (302 comments in total)

How about an affordable one whose iq isn't blown away by others?

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On article 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) (354 comments in total)

Thank you! Good-bye, Adobe b****rds!

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I don't understand any of this...

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Thank God! The current video from Canon was SOOOOOO awful!

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1836 comments in total)

For a guy who says he's pretty much off the grid, this Filipowicz seems quite connected.

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Greedy b*****ds! Well, this opens up the field for some other company to step up and compete, not only technologically, but philosophically, as well. I hope millions of PS users kick Adobe to the curb.

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Ulfric M Douglas: Only the Kofi Annan one is decent, the first two are pretty bad to my eye.
Ballerina is in an ugly pose with her head touching the top of the frame.
Ugly woman with cat is just horrible and studentish.

There are more reasons why the dancer's picture is awful, but you are absolutely right, Ulfric.

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Secrets? SECRETS?! Is there enough light to see the person? Take the picture!!!

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From all the hype, I expect images that are simply stunning, that make me sit up and say, I've never seen stuff like this anywhere else. Yes, yes I have, from dozens of cameras that are WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY cheaper. Anyone who buys this is being taken.

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I hear Rolex is going to put out a watch that only has an hour hand, for $50,000.

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)

There isn't one complainer in this forum who wouldn't LOVE to get his hands on one of these!

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On article Shooting with the Leica M9-P (620 comments in total)

I look at the pictures and think, they simply are not better than those produced by cameras costing thousands less.

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