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Looks sharp.

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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)
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Octane: Instagram is about visual sharing, it's not about excellence in photography.

Who said that people have to create art and quality when taking photos? Instagram is a very simple and fun way to share your every day life in a visual way. People use Instagram the way they like it, regardless of what it was meant to be or what all these seasoned photographers claim it should be.

People will do what they like and it will define the Zeitgeist. It created a new wave of taking photos. It's silly to compare and judge it based on what photography used to be or is supposed to be.

It's in no way a competition or replacement to other types of photography.

True, people don't have to create art but the biggest problem with Instragram and especially young photographers who are using it is that they are claiming that they are creating art just because their photos "look" like "art". Someone might think that Insta-photos are creative but I think that it's the opposite because people depend on those apps rather themself.

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On article Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 review (572 comments in total)

@Olympus: now put this sensor in body like e-30 (not only e-7) and you have a winner.

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On article Just Posted: Canon G1 X studio test samples (220 comments in total)
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Sdaniella: i'm here to only share relevant info for shooters like myself who happen to be already dSLR owners, be it FF, or APS-H, or APS-C, who have held off for quite along time with great reservations on a suitable 'prosumer' compact to complement the dSLR, and that it must have a level of IQ and sufficient focal length choices for daily walk-around 24/7 carry around digicam, and not 'another' full ILC system, which do not perform anywhere near what can already be had with our FF/APS-H/APS-C dSLRs.

or even PowerShot G shooters looking for an update 'G' but with vastly improved IQ of a dSLR.

i do it with keen interest on how the G1X compares to what we already own, so that upon scrutiny, the IQ would not be at a level that we'd be ashamed of being handicapped with, that many smaller systems face, or 'in between' or current mirrorless systems. and YES, good performance in LOW light at HIGH ISO's do matter, as we have already taken it for granted with our current larger sensored dSLRs.

This is amazing XD

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On photo Little green triangle in the Colorful Abstracts challenge (3 comments in total)

thank you. i have more of those; you can check them out on my flickr acc:


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Congrats! When I saw a thumbnail, I knew that it was Osijek in the pic :)

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This is amazing, ConanFuji. Cheers!

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