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  • Gotcha -- 100% agree. Ah.  Yes, if you are going to shoot the same DOF on different formats in low light, the advantages of a larger format are largely, or even entirely, cancelled out.
  • This is not necessarily the case, but usually is.  When amplification is applied, however, it does not adversely affect noise -- quite the opposite, in fact -- it results in lower noise which his ...
  • Both line skipping and downsampling using nearest neighbor have the effect of halving the amount of light. Overheating can significantly increase electronic noise. And, of course, differences in ...
  • ??? My understanding is that the two videos were shot with equivalent f-numbers. The question is why the video performs differently than the stills. ???
  • The first issue, obviously, is that if the BS1H used in the video does, indeed, use the same sensor as the S1H, then what's going on when the story for stills is quite different: Is the sensor for ...
  • Why? Can you find porn better with other search engines? ;-) Canon needs to train their techs better, then, 'cause the second article I linked had: Since at least 2016, other customers have ...
  • $3500 is chump change for big business, really -- doesn't seem to be anything nefarious going on there. 'Twas my next thread idea!  :-D You know, my favorite sushi restaurant is called "Mr. ...
  • I'd have thought that you'd just become homeless and starve, but looks like you've got a more exciting end planned out.  ;-)
  • Created discussion thread Find the contradiction:
    Canon U.S.A. Recognized as One of the 2020 World's Most Ethical Companies® For Third Consecutive Year vs: Canon sued for disabling scanner when printers run out of ink Of course, it's possible for ...
  • Not all manufacturers apply the same tone curve to the file for the same ISO setting.  So far as I'm aware, the ISO standard only discusses the output lightness for 18% gray, not for the other ...
  • I was talking about the photo as a whole, not the sharpest portion of the photo on the focal plane. The OP *of this subthread* said : Each lens has a "sweet" spot but even those are somewhat ...
  • When the DOF of the scene is taken into account (keeping in mind that portions of the scene outside the DOF are not sharp, by definition), then what I said is true (which also means we wouldn't be ...
  • It doesn't.  Only M mode does that.
  • There's a difference between the aperture and the f-number, although people tend to use the two terms interchangeably. But to say "the f-number of a lens is a property of the lens alone and does ...
  • Noise : DR :
  • The exposure is the amount of light per area projected on the sensor. It is determined by: (1) The scene luminance (how bright the scene is). (2) The f-stop ...
  • The problem here is not dissimilar to the whole pro-vax / anti-vax debate. When someone is wondering about a vaccine, there are expert pro-vaxxers and "expert" anti-vaxxers. One can understand a ...
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    To be honest, that's kinda funny.  Like scientists planning a mission to Mars and forgetting that the Moon was in the flight path. :-D
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    Well deserved, man, well deserved!  I really hope things work out!
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    Best of luck!  However, I will say that luck is all you need -- your skills are already where they need to be!
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