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  • I'm not having any problem with that, and right wing nutters should be comfortable with someone being judge, jury, and executioner, right? ;-) More seriously, if you want to argue that the nutter ...
  • Well, cash isn't going away any time soon, so I doubt any of us will be around to see how things pan out if and when it's done away with.
  • Well none of the right wing nutters will admit to being afraid of Muslims.  They'll say their desire to get them out of their country isn't based on fear at all. You don't have any idea how ...
  • How's that war on drugs working for them?  How'd Prohibition work out?  They can crack down, but all it will do is make for a more oppressive government.
  • I don't think they're doing research to prove if it's happening -- they're doing research to determine by how much it is happening and what the consequences will be. Well, we know, for example, ...
  • It's weird because people will balk at the size, weight, and cost of, say, the 25 / 1.2, 40-150 / 2.8, etc..  But none do so with the viciousness that they do about the size, weight, and cost of ...
  • Honestly, I lose track of who's who in this forum from time to time.  ;-) An exception to the rule wouldn't make the hypothesis wrong -- it would just be an exception.
  • Replied in Um, no.
    Of course not.  Do you know the history of the measurement of electron charge?  Here's Feynman talking about it.  You really should read that. Anyway, I've asked you a simple and direct question:  ...
  • When paper money goes away, people will learn Bit Coin real fast.
  • Nothing compared to how right wing nutters feel about Muslims.  But give Trump some time -- we might be as terrified as you.
  • I asked a simple question, livelong: Do you believe in the existence of the electron? Why are you ducking it?
  • No, we haven't.  What we've gone through is nutters, like yourself, proclaiming it to be a hoax perpetrated by dishonest scientists with no *credible* evidence to support your charge. I'm asking if ...
  • Have you ever questioned global warming? I don't recall such a post. I just recall you saying it's a fraud with either no evidence, whatsoever, to support your position, or with data maliciously ...
  • Let's do this step by step.  Do you believe in the existence of the electron?  Please answer with "yes", "no", or "I don't know".  You may qualify your response if you choose, but first, please ...
  • Replied in Um, no.
    The message was, and I quote: Science has been hijacked by the left and it has become their full fledged religion. They have become so dogmatic about their science, that now they have to march to ...
  • Replied in Good point
    You lie.  ;-) Yep.  Like they say -- a great man!  :-D
  • Given what's been done, and what's not been done, in that 100 days is what is causing so many so much concern.
  • The moron(s) are the people who voted him in who either consider this a good thing or thought that he'd not do something like this.  And, as we all know, the US has no shortage of morons -- just ...
  • Replied in Sure, why not?
    I can't see any reason not to get a lens that produces photos that you consider "dull and boring" and "lacking in beauty".  After all, those are the top characteristics I look for in a lens.
  • I've not seen any such people make a post saying or implying such, much less "many" of them. Your gear might be lighter, but that chip on your shoulder seems like it might weigh you down a lot more.
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