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On article DPReview TV: Olympus OM-D E-M10 IV review (294 comments in total)

I think the old EM-10II still is the best camera in this serie, as it has more customization options, but it was perhaps too complicated for ordinary people.

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He who waits for something good.....

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I seem to recognize this discussion, it was the same doomsday predictions last year about Olympus.

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Thoughts R Us: Call it the "Leica-fication" of the camera industry. All companies are moving upstream to survive.

Smartphones have eliminated the really high volume camera market and that's not coming back.

So what's left are those with the more intense interest in photography and the money to pursue it.

And I still think that Leica is one company very well positioned to survive, as they offer high end products that have appeal beyond the technology. Thus just tech advancement from smartphones or other camera companies will not render them obsolete.

All camera companies need to go upscale but they also need to pay intense attention to the user experience and offer something beyond just tech advancement. Again, they all need to think like Leica in this regard.

Leica will only stay alive as long as the Baby Boomers are alive.

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cba_melbourne: Food for thought:
- only 5.5 mio ILC cameras were made in 2020
compared to
- 1570 mio smartphones in 2020

That is 286 phones for each ILC sold

But good enough for most people...

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On article Hands on: Leica Q2 Monochrom (277 comments in total)

Toys for the rich

Link | Posted on Dec 10, 2020 at 14:20 UTC as 7th comment | 1 reply

This could have been done with a firmware update for free, it is sad really...

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StoneJack: the fact that second in the world camera company Nikon is revising its expected revenue upwards is good sign that COVID impact may be easing. The world will continue to shift to smartphones as cameras on go (that why the catastrophic sales of Sony RX and Canon GX), so Nikon does concentrate on higher end cameras. It is not going for market share, it is going for sustainable profit margins for its shareholders to whom it continues to pay dividends even in COVID times. In doing so Nikon shifted to largest in the world mirrorless mount Z, released a number of excellent Z lenses and now has a good line of Z bodies. It basically stopped the loss of its customers to other companies and is now successfully moving its F mount users to the new Z mount.

@StoneJack I think you are right, computational imaging is the future.

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It's sad to see such an old fine camera brand slowly die ...

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srisrinis: To all those people say what Nikon brings different than Sony and Cannon.. the answer is the Z mount (55 mm) and the flange distance (16 mm). Nikon can up their software anytime they want.. but Sony cannot increase their diameter without a new mount.

Below video explains them better.


Z mount is great, but they introduce it 10 years too late.

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On article Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II coming October 14 (929 comments in total)

Seems like it is now or never for Nikon, I hope they succeed.

Link | Posted on Oct 5, 2020 at 12:24 UTC as 5th comment

Seems like a nice entry level camera.

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A new toy for the rich & famous.

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Ixoye: R.I.P.

Olympus as a camera brand is dead, at least the brand I have known since the 70's

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Becksvart: Seem a bit too bling (and gigantic) for me but I'm sure they've made their research. "Galaxy" rolls off the tongue a bit like "Satin" and "Chocolate" combined.

In terms of "10MP selfie cam" and "F2.2" I really like this article on phillipreeve.
It looks at both sides of the phone camera vs dedicated argument but what's interesting is that the MPs and apertures used for the smartphone are not at all the same as from the dedicated camera. They look good yes, especially to non-photo-hobbyists, but "f/1,4" becomes "Blue? Wabababa, ogg!"

On the contrary, you are very healthy.

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beavertown: No headphone jack, what has Samsung been smoking to?

What have you smoked? you must belong to a minority who use wired headphones even though you no longer need them.

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Jeff Peterman: For those upset about the lack of a headphone jack (I am too), there are many adapters available in the $15 to $25 range that plug into the USB C port and give you both a headphone jack and a USB C pass-though for charging.

Wired headphones belong to the Stone Age today.

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OM-2 every day of the week.

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On article Canon RF 800mm F11 IS STM sample gallery (471 comments in total)

That lens is a typical example of a lens that will stand and collect dust in a closet after a couple of weeks of use.

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