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On article Have your say: Best Fixed-lens Compact Camera of 2013 (82 comments in total)

The X100S is the purdiest ;-)

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Rumle: I don't see the obvious point in this, they just added a build in adapter, which makes them kind of huge compared to Sonys lenses. Of cause there are not many lenses for that system yet, but.
I'm guessing that there are two groups of people who represent the majority of the A7/A7r owners, one is people who just want the best mirror-less they can get. The other group are people who already own a camera system, most likely DSLR.
The first group are unlikely to buy anything without auto focus, they also want small lenses.
The other group would by the Samyang for the DSLR system they already own and use it with A7r on adapter.

Here's where the whole "World's smallest full frame interchangeable lens camera" schtick falls flat. Compare the size of the 35 1.4 with the equivalent Fuji lens:


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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Review (606 comments in total)

Still don't understand the awards. 79% & Silver when the Fuji X-M1 received 77% & Gold? And the Fuji had slow autofocus and mushy greens?

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On article Luxi turns your smartphone into incident light meter (43 comments in total)

You guys are missing the point. The diffusion dome is a physical device that attaches to the phone. So to make an 'Android version' it would have to physically fit:

Samsung (multiple models)
HTC (multiple models)
Motorola (multiple models)
Sony (multiple models)

With Apple, there's only 2 models.

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Man, Fujifilm seem to have addressed almost all the 'quirks' :-) Even the soft strap lugs have been beefed up! Roll on Feb 14...

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vkphoto: Hi, no Q button at the back?

Looks to be labelled 'Q'. See here:


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TitusXIII: I've got mine about two months ago and I use it almost exclusively and am quite happy with the images it produces.

Dude - did you steal my Avatar?

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RStyga: Is this 2012 AF speed fro a 'pro' branded camera??? The first DP Sigmas were that bad... what on earth!

Now how about a firmware update for our X100s?

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IcyVeins: They expect "significantly greater participation" than 160,000 images, and yet they offer only a single prize?

There are minor prizes. Read the link.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 review (373 comments in total)

No one seems to be acknowledging the price of this camera. At almost twice the price of an S100 it SHOULD be good. But is it twice as good? No. That's why it doesn't deserve gold.

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bgbs: Don't know what to think about this announcement. From the outset the camera does not look as sexy as Nikon 1. Plus the price point is a little steep. I thought Nikon J1 was expensive, not anymore. One thing to look forward too I guess would be its high ISO capabilities. If the AF is slow as someone has said it is, this is a bigger bummer for this camera. I love my Nikon 1 because of the AF speed, and that it has a built in flash, which is extremely useful when taking this camera on outing. The image IQ of Nikon 1 is better than any P&S to date, but a little worse than DSLRs'. For most situations Nikon 1 is a winner. If anyone is interested in better IQ, then I think this Canon model would be a be a perfect upgrade; better high ISO and better IQ across the board because of its bigger sensor.

From PC World preview:

"During our brief hands-on with a pre-production model, what was immediately noticeable about the EOS M is just how quickly and effortlessly it can focus. It was set so that we didn't even have to press the shutter button halfway down; every time the camera was pointed to a near object from a far object, the focus changed almost immediately and it was spot-on accurate".

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From PC World preview:

"During our brief hands-on with a pre-production model, what was immediately noticeable about the EOS M is just how quickly and effortlessly it can focus. It was set so that we didn't even have to press the shutter button halfway down; every time the camera was pointed to a near object from a far object, the focus changed almost immediately and it was spot-on accurate. With the new 18-55mm kit lens, accurate focusing can be made from a distance of 25cm away; with the 22mm pancake lens, focusing can be from as close as 15cm".

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DDWD10: My hat is off to you, dpreview. I am one of those "lucky" individuals who waited for the firmware update while my return window passed. The bottom has fallen out on the used market for the X10 so I am essentially stuck with it. Thank you for pressuring Fujifilm about this, they need to do the right thing.

16 used from $468.95 on Amazon. Hardly the "bottom falling out of the used market"...

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lazy lightning: Leica is replacing the sensors that are cracking in users M9's free of charge. Just sayin...

On a $7000 camera...I should think so!

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On article Kodak to stop making digital cameras (141 comments in total)

Kodak should license colour simulations to all the camera manufacturers. Much like Fujifilm has Velvia, Provia simulations, Kodak could offer Kodachrome and Ektachrome...

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On article Ricoh reshuffle sees Pentax take control of cameras (145 comments in total)
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Deleted1929: If you're going to start a new business plan I can't help thinking that 1st April is perhaps not the most confidence inspiring choice.

We can but hope.

The first day of April has broad significance in Japan. It marks the beginning of the government's fiscal year. Many corporations follow suit. In addition, corporations often form or merge on that date. Konica & Minolta for instance.

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Mssimo: Award for best looking digital camera?

5-Axis Image Stabilization, I wonder if anyone can ever do this in lens and how much better is it than 2-axis IS.

Nowhere as good looking as the original (OM-1). They should have resurrected the screw-on hotshoe.


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On article Just Posted: Olympus PEN Mini review (112 comments in total)
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Louis_Dobson: Regardless of Oly's intended market, I suspect many people here would use it differently... I use it alongside my full frame Nikon system, with the 12mm f2 and the 45mm f1.8 (24 and 90mm EFL). The body fits in my top pocket, each lens in my side pockets, and I can convert myself from a biker into a photographer in moments. I love it, frankly. It can easily be modified to give me quick control over ISO, exp comp and aperture from the jog dial, and with an eyefi card I can upload snap JPGs to FaceBook or do proper raw processing later at home. A wonderful, hilarious, fun, carry everywhere camera.

I can't see the point of any of these things with the supplied lens, a good point and shoot would be better, but add some small, fast primes and you can have a hoot.

I've not had so much fun out of a camera in years. Buy two!

E-PM1 + 12mm f2 + 45mm f1.8 = $1700. That's an expensive way to "have a hoot" when an XZ-1 for $500 is almost as capable...

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On article Fujifilm updates firmware for X10 compact (46 comments in total)
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magnumgf: Why can't they make things right from day 1? If I buy a camera I expect to use it. Not spend my time trolling the interent for firmware updates...

Even Apple don't get it right first time (iPhone 4S battery woes). Give Fujifilm a break!

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