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$3K large for this? What sane person would pay this--for a Mitakon?

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ReoFlex: The D750 scores a 90 and the D850 scores an 89. What the hell? This is ridiculous! So rediculous that I'm not even going to comment further. Retest by other testers and give us an accurate, unbaised review and camera score. 89 is nonsense by any measuring standard.

Oh calm down. If you need to increase your dosage please do so.

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I had one of the first versions for less than 24 hours. First, the battery was dead when I got home. Once that was charged, I tried to establish the MS Live account and ran into incompatibility issues with the email addresses I supplied to do so. I called MS help and two *hours* with those morons and three different tech reps couldn't resolve this issue. So I was left with a device I could not update. Finally, this one had W8--what a disaster, kept locking up on me, plus since MS was unable to help me establish my Live account, could not update that POS. Got so disgusted I packed it up, headed back to the MS store, got my refund, then went to the Apple Store and picked up a 64GB cellular Retina I-Pad. Took it home, placed it into my Apple account, and has worked perfectly with ZERO issues after 3 years of hard use and travel. I-Pads may not suit everyone, but for my needs it works.

Moral of the story: always keep your packing materials intact when buying a MS product.

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2 already had it lol how juvenile

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Franks38: Previous shutter replacements covered this time? My shutter was replaced in the first recall a couple years back. Is it covered by this recall? My camera serial number is covered by this recall, but it is unclear if it really applies to cameras that already had the shutter replaced.

Your replacement shutter is covered as long as you own the camera. If that's the rest of your life, it's covered. send it in.

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George Landis: My serial number was one of them so I boxed it up this morning and got it dropped off for UPS to send it to the repair center in Los Angeles. I hope they are quick with the fix as I need it for a Las Vegas trip in 3 weeks. The only problem I ever had was one that nobody else seems too. In single shot mode it will occasionally fire off two shots instead of one. Other than that I think the camera has been great but I couldn't pass up getting a new shutter for free and supposedly better than the one that was in it. My body was also made in Thailand like the photo above.

Nikon LA is very efficient, and has the manpower allocated to do the job fast. 10 days door-to-door for my D750 sent in on the 2nd recall in April 2016.

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keepreal: "ridiculously complex electronic cameras" I agree with AbrasiveReducer.

It was a while before I figured out that many camera settings are pointless. Same with my first micro-wave, which only had a timer and three power settings plus several other virtual settings that did nothing, except tried to fool you into thinking there was more there than there was.

The market no longer is about progress and giving what technology can provide that is of use. It is about profits and persuading impressionable people into thinking that frequent "upgrades" are necessary when, of course, they are not.

Even Leica has joined the bandwagon and eradicated their status at the top of the pile. The latest is not always better and the culture of consumerism is out of control. I would rather we left more raw materials for future generations than this senseless waste.

What has this got to do with the D750 shutter problem? Everything. Nikon should refocus on quality control, less so just on sales.

they source the shutters from Copal. It's THAT company that needs to address QC problems.

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Photoevian: This happens to mine when I put alkaline batteries in the grip. It starts normaly but after a while.....here comes the shadow! When I change to ΕL-15 or NiMh, nothing bad happens, the camera works fine.

Have you noticed something like this?
I've shot about 20,000 frames with it.

well quit using alkalines in your grip.

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BrainBeat: I am guessing this the flair issue? If so I have already gotten that fixed ages ago. If it is something different then I could use a new shutter as mine is starting to wear out again.

Not even close. That had something to do with the autofocus module. This is something similar to if you shot flash at a much higher shutter speed beyond maximum sync.

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when I sent mine in last year about this time under the 2nd recall, it only took about 10 days door-to-door via Nikon LA to get it replaced, cleaned, and firmware updated. Very efficient.

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Two words: hiring freeze. They can interview and offer the job. But one cant start until the freeze is lifted.

And gs-9/11 in DC? Slave wage.

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All you rocket rangers going nuts over this lens for near field astrophotography need to cool your jets and wait until test shots come in re coma, which seems to be the major bugaboo for these lenses and this kind of photography.

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Glen Barrington: Am I the only one who noticed those photos are out of focus? That last one might not be OOF, but the others are for sure.

No, you're just too used to obnoxious levels of sharpness. Photojournalism has its own standard--get the picture at any cost--that 99.5% of DPR heads will not get.

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To the DPR editorial staff: Never begin a story with an acronym, and certainly NOT in the headline, because you can't assume that a reader that's not in the Pac NW will know what "PI" stands for. Headline should have read: "Behind the scenes with Seattle Post-Intellegencer Photographers." Then use the full title again in the lead paragraph, followed by PI. Good grief, Journalism 101, people.

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PhotoUniverse: I am not impressed at all. Lots of visible distortions and softness. And yes, I know it's a very wide angle lens.

I was hoping better than this. I would've got it for Astrophotography.

It's called "widefield astrophotography"

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Triplet Perar: Uh, too many distortions. And that is the problem with 3rd party lenses; nothing inside camera will react to the lens, and try to fix something that should have been sorted out in lens design.

A 14mm with no distortion? Are you people high??

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Arkienkeli: There are several posts about "severe distortions" with this lens. As an old school photographer I find it quite disconcerting that these posters quite clearly do not understand the nature of rectilinear projection, but think that the edge/corner elongation is caused by a flaw in lens design or manufacture, while it is a mathematical fact which can not be avoided. The wider the picture angle, the worse it gets, and nothing can be done about it if we want straight lines to be represented by straight lines in the picture.

Still these "experts" have the audacity to post these uninformed opinions (alternative facts?) of theirs, highlighting their ignorance.

Agree 100% Asking for a distortion-free rectilinear 14mm UWA is like asking for a cheeseburger with no cheese.

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On article Fujifilm updates X-mount lens roadmap (56 comments in total)

what kind of UWA zoom would they put out? They already have a 10-24/4

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I wanna talk to the 14 people that had one and why they dumped it🙄

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No DoF scale on the 14? Jeez Sigma!

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