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acidic: It should be noted that just because the LR Catalog file is backed up does not mean the image files are backed up. Someone will undoubtedly confuse the two and will lose their image files as a result.

My biggest gripe with LR is that it lacks metadata import/export functionality. It would be nice to be able to export IPTC/EXIF data form a catalog (or subset of the catalog) as a .csv file, as well as import that data back in. Many image databases allow this, so I'm sure Adobe is more than capable of adding such a feature.

Two unrelated comments:
(1) Never invest your life's labour in one piece of software that may be dead and buried a decade from now. This means you should *always* write metadata to a sidecar xmp file so that in the future it can be imported into a different piece of software. Don't rely on the LR database alone.
(2) If you want to have the option either to use a catalogue-based system or work directly from the file structure, look at AfterShot Pro (the new version of Bibble Pro). Although a little rough around the edges, and slow to update now that Corel has taken over, it's every bit as capable as LR, and for far less money. The only reason I'm looking at LR is because ASP no longer supports new cameras quickly enough. But it's great for my existing camera.

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