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I do mostly macro and tele photography of wildlife with some landscapes here and there. See sunbird-images(dot)com for a portfolio.
Canon gear with lenses and bodies. Did I mention that I don't like gear-listings?


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On article What we want in a macro shot – Background (69 comments in total)

Excellent series of articles. Thanks for the inspiration!

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On article What we want in a macro shot – Background (69 comments in total)
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Mostly Lurking: The author might do well to look up the definitions of 'Macro Photography' and 'Close-up Photography. Some of the so-called 'macros' he's included in his article are decidedly close-ups, and perhaps more of them are as well. Macros require that the size of the subject image be equal to or larger than it is in real life; i.e. a size ratio between 1::1 and 10::1. Close-up photography is where the subject is between 10 times larger than the captured image to the same size; i.e. 10::1 and 1::1. in Micro-photography, the captured image is more than 10 times large than the subject. Everything else is simply 'plain' or normal photography. With that in mind, it's really a stretch for lens manufacturers to term their macro lenses as such; they're really just close-up lenses (1::1).

I suggest showing some respect for an expert who gives us some terrific advice for free (and who surely knows the definitions as well as anyone and puts them into a befitting perspective). Besides, using the term "close-up" would not improve this article. What is your point?

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On article Pentax makes 645D Camera Grand Prix limited edition (58 comments in total)
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unlearny: @Boomz I concur! Isn't it time to begin reviewing low end medium format / high end dslrs? I would like to compare the 645d raw images to Sony A900 & Sigma SD1. P.S. Don't talk to me about resolution unless we first agree that the 5D MII is a 7MP camera.

Don't talk to anyone about resolution unless you care not to oversimplify. SCNR

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