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I own all existing Pentax 645 F/2.8 Lens. None of them is as expensive as this one. I understand the price for the 25mm F/4 lens because of its width, because it is the widest among all Medium Format 645 Lens (except the brand new Hasselblad's 24 mm).

But the price of this 90mm F/2.8 is just way, way overpriced. Think about this: 75mm F/2.8 Lens is quite a bit under $1000. 120 mm F/4 Macro Lens is a few hundred dollars under $2000. 150mm F/2.8 Lens is just a little bit more than $1000. And this 90mm F/2.8 costs $4500!

I personally own another set of Medium format system, Mamiya 645DF. The price of this Pentax Lens matches the Phase One/Mamiya/Schneider Leaf-Shutter 110mm F/2.8 Lens. What do you think? Tell me how come can this Pentax Lens compare to the Schneider 110mm F/2.8 Lens?

I just cannot justify buying this lens over the Schneider Lens for my other system.

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