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TLD: I notice that in the photograph above, the new design does no have leg locks whereas the old design does. The working model will obviously need leg locks, so is this a bit of spin to exaggerate the apparent difference?

@TLD: No. The leg locks are not placed at a height where this shown section is, so without center column there's plenty of space for leg locks.

But if the center column is as long as the first leg, I wonder how the straps of a photobag will deal with the column? Usually I can put two legs and center column into the tripod bag attached to my rucksack or slingshot.

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never mind

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Joris1632: Seems to be an excellent lens, pity it tilts horizons and makes all buildings lean to the right .................... ;-)

Just wait until you see the funny faces when using for portraits... :)

I just love that lens, it became my new "old" standard I used to deal with in analogue days. I wouldn't have bought a 35/1.4 from Nikon but now I want to sell the 50/1.4.

And weather-sealed or not might as well be a question of warranty. Some confuse "weather-sealed" with walking into the rain and snorkel along. After all, we do have some kind of weather every day. Slight snow-fall was no problem and I use this lens in the same conditions I also use the D800 or D7000, so to me that's weather-sealed enough.
The detail with the lens caps is something Nikon should learn a lot from. The rear cap tightens softer, doesn't fall off and is easier to removed than Nikon's. Great job, Sigma.

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All those switches - never thought of a touchscreen instead? Typical functionalist: throw in a button or knob for each possible (some useless, too) feature, can't go wrong.

Instead of thinking about a good concept in using before plastering buttons all over the place. Condensing it down to the essence is harder, but it looks android enough, I guess. In how many ways you need to turn this thing just to check which knob is set to which position? Not even a swivel-and-tilt screen? Poor concept, big limitations and no need for such an expensive, out-dated model.

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It's about time to make me ready for a change. I hate it, because I really learnt a lot in Aperture and I love to use it. But now, after long and lazy times of no significant improvements, Apple decide to go completely grey, but still doesn't offer lens corrections. No way to "downgrade" to dull and ugly Lion 10.7 just for that cosmetics.

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