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LadislavCZ: Its clear message from Nikon about the move from DSLR to mirrorless. They had no choice anyway as well Canon. Its also their financial managers wet dream because they will save a lot on some parts like mirror, mechanism for mirror, dedicated AF sensor, Pentaprism. All these costs in million units is huge saving.

Also its clear message the old mount will become obsolate in few ears from now. Same happend when transitioned from film era to digital. I know a lot of people dont like to hear it but its fact.

Also the adapter will only work with G lenses. Nothing else so this will make more Nikon users upset. I will not reveal the source ;) as I would expect straight question how you know...I know ;)

“Additionally, an F-Mount adapter is being developed that will enable the use of a wide variety of F-Mount NIKKOR lenses with the new camera.”—Featuring-a-New-Mount—That-Pursue-a-New-Dimension-in-Optical-Performance.html

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davids8560: I'm thinking of getting a used D300 or D300S. I just want a decent Nikon. And I can only spend so much. But if I did get a D300 and then by chance got a chance somehow to use this camera, how sorry would I be?


I am upgrading from a D3, lightly used, to the D4S. If you are interested in the D3, let me know. I'll make you a great deal. Sports photography is my passionate hobby. My career is in Finance. I don't need a financial return from photography, so I can let it go cheap. I get all my gear from B&H. Jason Vance.

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I share the sentiment of many others here. These photos only reinforce my appreciation for having a nice DSLR and a compliment of lenses. If I came away from the Olympics with these photos, I would be battling a severe case of depression. I hope to go in 2016 and I will be armed with everything allowed for a spectator.

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Communism still sucks.

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vlad0: I've been shooting with a smartphone for the past 15 months. I got rid of my p&s and my DSLR saw a decrease in usage and increase in dust collecting. What I realized was that my DSLR exceeds my ability/talant as a photographer, so there is no need for me to spent more money on extra gear. My Nokia N8.. well that seems to cover that aspect of me very well.. its always with me, and.. for the occasional macro/flower shot, sunset/sunrise, random night out shot, its perfectly fine. All the images in my gallery here are from the N8.. no post processing, just raw jpegs from the phone, and they don't look that bad.

Its no big deal, more and more people will catch up to that.. the 808 is just another leap towards better mobile phone photography.

Have to agree. Great shots from a phone camera. Hope you enjoy the 808.

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SiPat: £449 in the UK -- that's US$700

Yikes. Makes me wonder why not buy from BHPhoto in the U.S. and have them ship to UK. These guys are great.

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Fantastic IQ for a point and shoot at 6400.

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Fantastic IQ for a point and shoot at 6400.

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