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  • @LightBug
    I have just seen the latest Flickr statistics: Mirrorless cameras make up a measly 3% of cameras used for submissions. Of course, iPhone submissions trump DSLR submissions by a factor of...

  • "What's your point?" You should ask that question yourself. You are a denying an "advantage for Pentax" although I never have claimed an advantage for Pentax.

    All the points I made were just...

  • I have not been worrying about K-nount FF lens availability ever.

    First of all, I have access to more than enough FF lenses for my K-1, some of them being discontinued but excellent Pentax...

  • There appear to be three anecdotal data points (from three different users) that suggest that V1.40 influences AF results (compared to V1.30). They all seem to suggest that after the update lenses ...
  • Why don't they fast forward to what they are heading to?

    They should just sell ready-made pictures. Some of them will have cut-outs where heads/bodies of customers are merged into.


  • I prefer the rendering of this new version over that of the old Sigma 85/1.4.

    Now Sigma only needs to release it for K-mount and they'll have a buyer in me.

  • @DPreview: Have you ever compared the number of modern lenses available for the K-1 compared to FE lenses for the A7II?

    Please see this list of FF lenses that are currently available for the K-1:...

  • Pentax supports DNG out of camera. Are you saying that does not work either?

  • I know that full-sized MF doesn't exist yet. I'm talking about the future. Let's see in five years what sensor sizes will be on offer then.

    The GFX system is not as future proof as current digital...

  • "..ire"?
    "..all bent out of shape"?

    Can one not ask a question without being met with insinuations of aggression?

    The Pentax 645 is a true MF camera with a crop-MF sensor. It mounts proper 645...

  • Why is the Fuji GFX being referred to as a "medium format" camera? Its sensor has the size of the crop-MF format that is currently used in other MF cameras.

    While these other cameras have a mount...

  • Nice to hear confirmation that the K-1 has been selling very well! The apparent commercial success rhymes with the popularity and acceptance rate the K-1 has very quickly gained in Pentax-specific...

  • The Fuji GFX 50s is neat, but I don't think it will be able to compete with the 645 system in the long run. While both share the same sensor size at the moment, the 645 system can grow to feature a...

  • Thanks, brandagnostick. My top three reason are 1. IBIS (in-body image stabilisation) because it gives me (1) five-axis stabilisation for all my lenses, (2) on- ...
  • Commented on article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review

    P.S.: I understand you are busy and it is not feasible for you to engage in a dialogue with every single poster.

    I was just a bit disappointed with my recent luck with respect to the frequency at...

  • Commented on article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review

    Dear Richard,

    thank you very much for responding. Much appreciated!

    1) If a JPEG evaluation is done, it should not influence a category called "low light score" (or similar). Such a heading...

  • Commented on article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review

    @Chris M Williams: Are you going to reply to my concrete questions regarding the unexplained differences to DxOMark measurements?

    I don't expect immediate responses but somehow I doubt anyone...

  • Commented on article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review

    Hi Chris,

    regarding video I think you should have two separate scores and allow a camera recommendation be made without its video performance coming into play.

    Using a stills camera for video is...

  • Commented on article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review

    Hi Chris,

    thanks for chiming in.

    If you look carefully at the DxOMark measurements for SNR 18%, you'll see that the K-1 beats the D810 at any ISO value that both cover. Yet you score the "low...

  • A "disappointment" is the result of expectations not being met. What were your expectations?

    That the camera is somehow innovative? You don't know in what way, but it needs to be innovative...

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