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Cane: I wonder how many of you would actually buy a FF Pentax or just complain about what it doesn't have on camera forums? I am guessing there will be more talk than purchasing in this place.

"Right now, you can't be a serious pro and work in Pentax... but you just can't work with a K5, you'll always look like a loser compared to photographers with 5D/D800, even if it's stupid, and it is. But that's the way it is."

But doesn't HAVE to be the way it is (can't be a serious pro...and... look like a loser) --there is a simple solution - seriously (I've seen it done).

1. Get some black gaffer tape (not duct tape nor electrician tape - then you WOULD be a "loser") - and tape over the "Pentax" name on the camera as well as model number.
2. Know your equipment and what to do in order to capture a fantastic image - as many, many (maybe most) Pentax owners already do.
3. Take the picture.
4. Display the results either in print or via digital display (in which case, modify EXIF to disavow any link to Pentax).
5. Only on your deathbed, acknowledge all your great work was done using "non-professional" equipment - but even then, don't let anyone know it was Pentax.

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