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  • Olympus faced a similar issue two years ago when they were deciding on the E-7 DSLR replacement for the E-5 or a new high end m43 mirrorless camera - the OM-D Em1. Olympus decided to not bring out ...
  • I never knew that it was gone.  My freezer is crammed full of 35mm , 120, 220, and sheet film.  What did I miss?
  • I would love to see a C-9090 with an improved 1/1.8"  16 MP sensor with decent high ISO of 3200, use the 7070/5060 B-HLD20 dual battery holder, used an improved 27-105mm lens and better low light ...
  • I assume that the C-5050 with it's f/1.8-2.6 lens qualifies, correct?
  • Correct.  Just regular Four Thirds not micro.
  • I'm actually looking for a Nikon version.  Long registration and my daughter could use it as she shoots with a Nikon. I love Takumars - I have m42 SMC copies of the 20mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 105mm & ...
  • The AF speed is not the issue.  The age of the lens is not the issue. The light is the issue.  High school gyms have terrible light.  Thus the hunt for fast glass. I have no interest in m43 and ...
  • I have figured it out!!!!!!!!!!! It is indeed an issue with the E-5's settings. Re-reading the manual, on page 75 at the bottom there is a note that says: "For details on displaying the settings, ...
  • Paul, Very nice! Precisely why I keep my E-1 (purchased new around 2005) around next to my E-3 & E-5. Should you every feel like getting rid of your Katzeye screen for the E-1, I have a Benjamin & ...
  • Here is what the triggers look like: Transmitter on left, Receiver on right. Receiver settings ore on top, transmitter setting are on the bottom. Each item is numbered - helps when batteries need ...
  • I just finished testing the triggers (I have three of them) with my Olympus 420, 5060, and 8080.  All worked fine.  Next up are the E-1 & E-3.
  • I got an email from B&H today.  Samyang has discontinued the 85mm f/1.4 in Four Thirds mount so my order was canceled and B&H sent me a refund.  Rats!  I will have to hunt for a used one.
  • I'll try but the trigger works with mechanical cameras and looking on-line they are used all the time with great success with Nikon & Canon DSLRs & mirrorless Fujifilm cameras. Surely someone here ...
  • Fast is relative.  2.8 is way too slow for High School basketball games but for outdoor soccer is very fast. I have the 50-200 SWD and it is too slow for the local high school gyms.
  • Created discussion thread Olympus E-5 Studio Strobe Issue
    I am trying to get my studio strobes (White Lighting Zap 1000s) to work with my E-5. It's so simple my 1968 Pentax Spotmatic SL can do it. My 2010 E-5 can't seem to make the strobes fire consistently.
  • huh?  The only Metabones adapters with full auto focus that I'm aware of are for MICRO 4/3rds.  I use E-3 & E-5 cameras so I would need an adapter for regular Four Thirds. Did I miss something here? ...
  • I didn't know that either.  I have already sent an email as they don't show any stock for E-3/E-5 cameras. I hope the E-5 is as easy. What I really want is an Olympus OM 1-14 ...
  • I didn't.  Thanks!  I had forgotten about them.  Around 2000 they overhauled my black Pentax MX (long gone - dang!) and did a remarkable job.  I will call them.
  • I'm looking for an independent repair shop that will change out the focusing screen in an Olympus E-3/E-5 for a reasonable price, in the USA. My plan is to have a split image screen installed in my ...
  • I did look for used.  None available on eBay/KEH/Roberts.  I did find one 4/3 on eBay new from the UK for over $500,  That's why I bought the 85mm new from B&H while they still list it for $237.
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