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If starting fresh, Canon or Nikon? Which has the best lineup in lenses, bodies and lighting? Open Talk Jun 30, 2015
Why is Canon still #1? Open Talk Jun 21, 2015
55-250mm IS STM third-party alternatives? Canon SLR Lens Talk Jun 14, 2015
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Show Your Snaps...March 30, 2015 Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Apr 8, 2015
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Lens for street photography and eventually landscape with my canon 600d. Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk May 30, 2014
E600+70-300mm==>Not sharp pictures Olympus SLR Talk Mar 29, 2014
My Sigma 300-800 (Sigmonster) seems to get very soft toward the edge of the image Third Party Lens Talk Mar 26, 2014
Canon 600D: does it really record *true* Full HD video? Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Feb 16, 2014
External flash recommendation Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Jan 7, 2014
Is it worth it getting Rebel T3i now? Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Dec 29, 2013
Canon 350D: does it still stand up to the competition? Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Dec 17, 2013
Help needed: Nikon D5200 or Nikon 7000 Open Talk Dec 4, 2013
Show Your Snaps...November 25, 2013 Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Dec 2, 2013
Why I Like the 70-300mm Olympus SLR Talk Dec 1, 2013
Dumping Photoshop for GIMP Pentax SLR Talk Nov 30, 2013
** November 24th 2013 Weekly Wildlife Thread ** Canon SLR Lens Talk Nov 28, 2013
You can all stop heaving: Sony is not putting Canon out of business Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Nov 27, 2013
Recomend a Photo Processing Software Open Talk Nov 25, 2013
Let's be honest, does Canon even need to respond to the a7r? Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Nov 20, 2013
My photo was stolen and used in a Malaysian stamp? Open Talk Nov 19, 2013
The fallacy of DXO sensor rating Open Talk Nov 19, 2013
Canon Rebel SL1 or Olympus O-MD E-M1? Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Nov 15, 2013
struck between Nikon D5200 and Canon EOS 70D Open Talk Nov 12, 2013
Olympus 12-40 easily beats the Canon 17-55 at f/2.8 (but not when stopped down). Micro Four Thirds Talk Nov 10, 2013
excellant camera Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Nov 10, 2013
Some back yard birds. Nature and Wildlife Photography Nov 6, 2013
Rotten to The Core 'Big Apple'. Open Talk Oct 23, 2013
D7100 detail... Nikon DX SLR (D40-D90, D3000-D7500) Talk Oct 19, 2013
Maybe my best ? Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Oct 19, 2013
70D @ 135mm. What lens took what shot? Canon EOS 7D / 10D - 80D Talk Oct 14, 2013
Help deciding between Sony NEX-6 or Olympus OM-D EM-1? Sony Alpha / Nex E-mount (APS-C) Talk Oct 11, 2013
No reaction to Pentax k-3 (7D mkII) release in this forum Canon EOS 7D / 10D - 80D Talk Oct 11, 2013
TAMRON AF SP 17-50mm 2.8 XR DI II LD for Canon Third Party Lens Talk Oct 7, 2013
** Weekly Wildlife Thread September 29th, 2013 ** Canon SLR Lens Talk Oct 4, 2013
Making video with Canon 600D Canon Rebel (EOS 200D-800D) Talk Sep 30, 2013
Larger sensors do not have lower low light noise. It is a myth. Open Talk Sep 25, 2013
looking at the 17-55.. with a nice 'price drop' Canon SLR Lens Talk Sep 15, 2013
ALL DSLR's- will soon be as dead as the Dodo bird Olympus SLR Talk Sep 11, 2013
Need recommendation for good sub-$500 (ish) telephoto lens Canon SLR Lens Talk Sep 7, 2013
Warning to you people not posting under an alias Open Talk Sep 3, 2013
Sharp, Accurate, Fast Aperture, Great Colors & Contrast, Well-built... Third Party Lens Talk Sep 3, 2013
Is 50% of a great photograph post processing skill ?? Open Talk Sep 2, 2013
**Weekly Wildlife Thread August 25th, 2013** Canon SLR Lens Talk Sep 2, 2013
70D Review Content Arrives, from Gordon Laing at Cameralabs Canon EOS 7D / 10D - 80D Talk Sep 1, 2013
Is being "sharp" important for a picture? Olympus SLR Talk Sep 1, 2013
2 shots, 1 lens (70-300) Olympus SLR Talk Aug 29, 2013
My telephoto lenses for bird photography. Canon SLR Lens Talk Aug 29, 2013