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Lyff: I find the RX100 IV / V perfect for this, with the fast burst rate in combination with the electronic shutter I do an exposure bracketing of 5 frames (with 0.3 ev increments) to get a nice stack of images with good dynamic range to play with.

I use photoacute pro 3 (I found it both faster and easier for stacking) but since I always end in photoshop to correct motion artifacts and add sharpening maybe I should build a good photoshop action.

I'd also add that doing 20 frames or so is pretty useless, the resolution gain is minimal (noise is reduced though) I used to fill the buffer for a stack of images on my RX100 IV (around 30 frames) and all I got was insane processing times. 3-5 frames is enough, and for the improved dynamic range it's faster to change the exposure a little between the frames.

Sorry if this was addressed elsewhere in the comments.. (I often find the comments section of DPR overwhelming)..

I know my way around the concepts for HDR, and exposure blending.. but I've never attempted a "super resolution" technique. If you're using exposure-bracketed shots to compile a super-res shot, at what point to you adjust the exposure piece? Before you scale?.. I'm afraid I'm lost here..

Thanks in advance. I love the support and sense of community that comes from these forums.. (y'know.. minus a few 'aggressive' responses)..

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Tommi K1: One of the features (next to the amazingly good selection tools) is their inpainting tools.

They have very well written algorithms to help removing objects from the image even with complex patterns or shapes in them, so you just need to do a single "sloppy draw" to get it away. The Affinity Photo manages to analyze what you likely are meaning and checks the surroundings and edges of that object and then just corrects it.

Nothing is perfect, but their Inpainting tool is best I have seen so far... It shorten the editing times radically when needed to get some elements removed or adjusted.

(Sorry.. replying to you via this message, because you seem to have experience with the tool.. my question has nothing to do with selection stuff..)

The RAW formats i'm interested in knowing about are .ORF and Bayer-RAF. Any idea if the load time for the Fuji stuff that is not X-Trans is any faster? Any any experience with Olympus?

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forpetessake: The images are soft, and noisy, and lacking dynamic range ... and still they are pretty good for such a tiny sensor.

(don't feed the trolls)

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beta. understood. but.. few really stand out as 'sharp'. or is that just me?

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beta. understood. but.. few really stand out as 'sharp'. or is that just me?

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No IBIS or OIS. Does this make purists happy?

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turvyT: I have no particular interest either in this OM10 nor in the Pentax k3. But I'm curious about new cameras and like to be informed. K3 was announced almost half a year ago. OM10, less than two months. Still waiting for K3 review --or for Godot in this fully interesting exercise in surrealism by Dpreview. Personally I don't believe anymore in any of the excuses Dpreview has been producing about the lack of interest in the Pentax K3 by readers. I'm now convinced that under those foggy words of lame excuse there is only a lack of respect for people interested in new cameras and camera's technology.

Everybody still waiting for the Pentax K-3 review should demand for a refund from DPR. Y'know.. for all the money that they've paid in subscriptions to the site. To fund the writers/reviews. It's outrageous!..

What's that?.. it's free?..


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