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Osa25: Felony charges?

This encapsulates a lot of what is wrong with the country.

No wonder America has more total prisoners than any other country in the world, even more than China and India that have populations of a billion each…

I mean talk about gross overreaction.

Tell that to Roy Castle, a british actor, Carry on Up the Khyber and other movies, and a lovely man (I met him). He died of lung cancer. A non smoker his cancer was attributed to a long career working in smoky theatres and clubs.

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You are all completely barmy (US translation - crazy), just like the latest fad to produce music on vinyl. I thought I was behind the times being born in the early 50s but it's all the king's new clothes - it's different - so it's better or should I say "cool". I grew up with film, when anything over iso 400 was special order, had to be kept in a fridge and had grain like a coal heap (Fuji 1600 trannie film). I spent countless hours in smelly darkrooms - goodbye to all that and good riddance. My local Maplins (like Radioshack) is full of record turntables to play the "new" vinyl music records. Me? Well I still wince when I play a certain ABBA track that I scratched on Vinyl back in the 70s - now it's on CD I still can hear the loud click in my head when it comes to that part on the CD track - as I said you're all barmy...

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This sort of ill informed cr@p has been spread in differing versions over the last 30+ years I've been involved in professional photography and by the sound of it by the type of silly bint who these days probably sells the advertising, makes the coffee and delivers the magazine. Previous versions include : "No need to book an expensive professional photographer just hand out disposable cameras to your guests and collect them after the wedding for a full record of your special day", however the best was : make sure your photographer uses lenses which have "built-in depth of field" for those dreamy romantic shots" - I admit that's going back to the late 70s but you get the drift....

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