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DRoca: I think this cam is an ERROR, a marketing error, nobody expected 36Mb of raw files. You have to increase a lot your hard disk capacity and also procesor speed if you don't want to bore betweed rotation and rotation.
It's not possible to reduce the size of raw files, thought it is posible jpg sizes, this does not help much.
By now Canon 5D III has no rival in this way, thought Nikon will launch the D700x with video full HD features, and it's 21Mb sensor... this would be a dream, or a wish for those who have been waiting a long time and are deceived with that big raw sensor, market didn't expect that.

I do not agree. What you are suggesting the 36MB sensor gives big raw files rendering the computer unaffordable. This is only a situation for the moment, not tomorrow (or even today). What do you expect the computer capacity one year (or 2 months) later? What kinds of cards, HDs, CPUs will be by the end of June 2012. i7 CPU comes not long and will be replaced soon by another completely new architecture. Please do not feel D800 is an error insofar as it is a wonderful camera taking a step to advance the photo quality of medium format pictures by a 135 camera.

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dholl: Also really like the 12mp vs 36mp comparisons. I think some will be surprised how tame the difference really is between these resolutions. And will be even less noticeable when comparing 22mp vs 36mp.

I think for 95% of users, 12mp was always more than enough. Where 36mp will come in more useful in the real-world is when cropping. But as those crops show, don't expect a huge difference to your old 12mp sensor (unless you're a pixel-peeper).

I feel the 36mp is actually one of the least interesting things about this camera...looking forward to the review!

Agree. I ordered D800 last week and now waiting shippment arrive. I have a 200mm lens and want to by 300mm as well. Instead I think if I can tune down D800 to DX mode getting 15MP, I'd get 300mm with my 200mm lens... Save money to buy a new lens but get a new D800.. Same with my other lenses, I'd get 2 ranges of focal length for each lens without changing as I did on my D700...

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Entropius: Ugh. $400, for a lens that basically does the same thing as the $80 40-150 f/4-5.6 kit lens that's come with every Olympus camera since the E-510.

That lens, for the non-Four Thirds shooters, is the same size as this one or even a little smaller, focuses pretty quickly, is very sharp at any aperture or focal length, and as its last trick has actually quite nice bokeh.

the optics of this new x lens is a bit advancer than the previous lumix lenses. It has 2 ASPH and 2 ED elements. It also has the nano coating. We should not only talk about its focal range and power zoom without regarding to its new features.

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