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  • Hey, I definitely will! Keep in touch.
  • Created photo thread Melbourne, H+12-24A
    Dear All, Some shots taken during a recent trip to Melbourne. Brought the 12-24A and 50-100A, basically sufficient to cover most of the angles of my composition. The 12-24A is phenomenal, so much ...
  • Good news to all! There's already a solution for wireless X-TTL (read as Cross TTL) by Cactus in their V6ii transceiver. It supports SA-TTL and you can easily cross communicate with Canon/Nikon ...
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Hi Richard, Thanks for the comments. Judging from some of the comments and the tone they put forth, I really can't take them seriously or personally. I just accept it as free will and freedom of ...
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Thanks, Jim. Appreciate the kind thoughts and encouragement.
  • Replied in Grace...on H
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Thanks TN. Appreciate it. This will always happen in a forum. I don't mind constructive criticisms...as long as it don't get towards personal attack or trolled in a way.
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Thanks for the comments. Yes, the mascara...that's a common problem when we don't have proper make up artist to do a thorough job. This was shot on a budget (non-commercial), as part of our monthly ...
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Sharp eyes, Mike!! You're right. I only noticed that when I posted it. Thanks for pointing that out. Ideally the plug-in should be run on a separate layer and masked selectively to avoid this kind ...
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    No worries...I take all comments as constructive criticism. This way, we all learn together and decide for ourselves which is the best interpretation. If we nitpick, then we lose the true essence ...
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Agreed, but there's always that fine line of how much we can/must/don't retouch on a face. I don't shoot for commercial, so I am not bounded by any rules in this context. My personal opinion is to ...
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Hahaha! I had to agree but then I thought, if photographers can use medium format cameras to shoot a face, why not us? After all the image quality of both systems are almost in discernable in print. ...
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Thanks, John. Really appreciate the comments.
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Thanks Marco! It did very well for landscape... Better than all the dp Quattros combined. :P
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Hi Alex, I shot this at f5.6 at 235mm. The depth of field is shallow and the H actually renders the image closer to a full frame sensor than the APS-C. I focused on her left eye, by the way. Thanks ...
  • Replied in Grace...on H
    Yes indeed. I was easily 10ft away when I took this shot. :)
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  • Replied in Grace...on H
    I run the image through Portrait Pro 15, and then tidy up the little bits in Photoshop using Frequency Separation.
  • Created discussion thread Grace...on H
    Hi Guys, Took this shot in our recent X3 User Group gathering in my print studio using the 120-300mm F2.8 APO OS DG HSM |Sports lens. Despite the focus breathing it's still able to compress the ...
  • Thanks, guys. I made a 33"x22" print, and it looked gorgeous! This is not a perfect scene, but I'm not shooting it for postcard either. I like the fact that the camera system is able to capture it ...
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