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Kickstarter ? Oh yeah, you put your money in for great 3D rendering and amazing spec, wait 2 or 3 month until the product goes from the 3D rendering to an almost ready to use prototype, wait another bunch of month until the product is finally discard and your money gone :) :)

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rdupre: That's like Ferrari is making parts for Trabant....

Like this https://www.flickr.com/photos/berlin-bleibt-berlin/5610488274 :)

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nnowak: Someone needs to do a little more research before posting these silly patents. That 52mm design is longer than a 70-200mm f2.8 zoom at 256mm. The total length of the 36mm is about 160mm. Even after you subtract flange distance from these numbers, the lenses are still ginormous.

Maybe someone at Nikon needs something big to compensate. :)

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Like many, i've never heard of this mag before. I check the site and it's not mobile friendly. I use mainly a smartphone to check news, read dpreview and so on. F11 mag is almost unreadable, even on my iPad Mini, text is small and you can't read one page at a time in portrait mode, only landscape with two pages on screen. Mimic a paper mag on screen is the worst thing to do nowadays.

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On article Video: Removing a stuck lens filter... with a band saw (139 comments in total)

But while the filter stuck so easily ? I gently screw a filter on my lense, but when i want to remove it, it's was a much harder strike :(
And it's a Mythbuster guy, so why he don't liquid hydrogen, so the metal filter became loose ? And of course, put some explosive to test the filter resistance :)

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On article Verizon officially acquires Yahoo including Flickr (55 comments in total)

The Verizon Oath : "Make Flickr great again"

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Fujica: I'll think Tim and Phil have spend too long in the 'Touch Bar' and got drunk thinking they can keep fooling their customers.

Telling them to wait, and at the same time telling them:
'But things won't get any better as you Creative Professionals do not have to expect any touchscreen capabilities on your new iMacs and Mac Pro's.

We will not allow you photographers and illustrators to draw on your computerscreen, to make your lifes easier to edit and create!'.

We only listen to our shareholders, we like making profits over the backs of our customers and don't care a sh!t about you 'Pros'. - By the way that term 'Pro' we can use in our marketing efforts...

Apple lost a lot of creative professionals over the last few years.
Many more will follow soon if Apple let them down for another time.

As a hardcore Apple user and creative professional for 15 years now, the Microsoft Surface line looks more and more attractive by the day. At least they seem to offer what I need and what I want

this is why the Ipad pro exists. 12" Touch screen with stylus. I have a windows laptop with touchscreen and even with LR i don't use the screen, the controls panels are not designed for touch, you need a screen that can be use with a stylus .

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sobermeier: I want this lens for my K1. Astonishing glas!

I don't have a K1, there is such great third party lenses, but only for Casonykon :( I wonder what this lense can do when you use the pixels shift mode.

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Fujica: How can one call this lens a champion when its full of terrible chromatic abberations as is clearly seen here:


To me all this halleluja feels like product placement and plugging of a far from perfect lens. I agree the sharpness is there and the overall colour rendition is fine. But you can't use this lens wide open or else your images will be full of terrible chroma. Now let the 85mm be one of those lenses that you would like to use full open pretty often in its use...

Yes, there is CA, but only visible at 100%. And this photo was shot with a low facing sun. Dpreview search for CA, and they found it :)

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A forgotten Fuji Warehouse ? http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/warehouse13/images/a/a5/Warehouse_Pan.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100718105532

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It's never works, there is no cats pictures in the sample, nor baby :) And of coure, no pink or swarkosky version.

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vesa1tahti: What about Sigma 18-35 f/1,8 Art? Better or worse?

The sigma is for APS-C sensor size. The Canon is for FF sensor size.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1385 comments in total)
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QuarryCat: The built quality is better then a Nikon D500?
Good joke.
My experiences with different E-M1 were not good at all,
all bodies used to look very used and crabby after a short period of working with them.
And E-M1II won't be this much better.
Despite this, my Fuji X-T1 looks still like free from the dealer, after shooting a lot.
AF and IS were by far not satisfying with the E-M1 and fist results with the Mark II are far behind D500.
So no more Olympus cameras.
Some lenses are still good, but better on Panasonic cameras.

Olympus E-M1 II is a make believer but nothing more.
And the price is crazy - 1200€ seems to be realistic.
For 1800€ you get the better sensor, the better AF-System, the better viewfinder, the far better lenses from Fuji.

Yes, " fist results with the Mark II" can really hurt :)

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1385 comments in total)
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jonny1976: gold award this and pentax k1 silver award...what you are smoking in this website?

Awards on DpReview are always relative to other camera of the same type. The OM-D is gold among other µ4/3, K1 is silver among other FF camera. OM-D is an all around camera with great video capabilities, K1 is more photo centric, with a simpler AF :)

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On article New kid on the block: YI M1 review (710 comments in total)
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Angrymagpie: Is this MFT sensor only or it also has the MFT mount, which means that it will be compatible with existing MFT system?

From a mechanical point of view, it's look's like the same mount than the one of my GM1. But MFT is an electronic mount, so mainy problems can happen.

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On article New kid on the block: YI M1 review (710 comments in total)
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GRicoh: This looks so much like the Leica T that I can't help but wonder if it's legal...

China is the king of copy. And this camera look's like a Leica. With chinese products you can have good looking copy of a Range Rover, an Iphone, a leica and a rolex. All for an unbeatable price and quality :)

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oysso: My first impression is that there are some room on the ergonomy side. Too much reliance on screen for adjustments . There should have been more buttons and wheels.

Buy a CaNikon, so you'll have plenty of knobs, levers, weels, joysticks, dials, and more buttons :)

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grapposoda: What's the point with that oversized front lens element? I've seen similar in other designs too, but can't figure it out. Suppresses flares somehow..?

For that price, i want a big front glasses that claims "look, i'm using a big lenses with a huge piece of glasse, i'm a pro" :)

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Looks like a Panasonic µ4/3 lenses.

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On article CP+ 2016: Things we found that had been cut in half (136 comments in total)

Missing a disclaimer "Remember kids, this cut-out are made by profesionnal, don't do this at home with your dad's or mom's camera" :)

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