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steelhead3: I don't understand the lack of low light focusing compared to most modern cameras.

Thank’s. So if want to take pictures of werewolf at full moon, i need at least -3ev. Good to know :)

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Spectro: I like the specs here. If nikon did a ff milc like these specs (especially video and better live view AF) I might get it. If they actually improved the live view AF for their DSLR for video I would prefer that (prefer the ovf to walk around but need to faster live view AF for some situation or video) . Not a gear head anymore, so I am happy with my cameras and lenses collection to not need to switch. But the tech need to improve for me to buy new stuff. Don't need new equipment to be inspired to shoot photos (I shoot too much anyways for a hobbyist, over 32k flickr upload). Too be frank I don't do video at all, but might try it once nikon get does a better job of it.

I have a name for this ff milc, a Mirroless Interchangeable Lenses Fullframe :)

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steelhead3: I don't understand the lack of low light focusing compared to most modern cameras.

How low is -1ev ? Street ligth, fields at full moon ? Candle light restaurant ?

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zkz5: "using both hardware and software, we can cover [the necessary] imaging circle. The most important thing is precision."

I don't get it... how does positioning the sensor more precisely mean they can make do with a smaller image circle? IBIS means that the sensor must move around in an image circle to do it's thing, so the image circle necessarily must be bigger than the sensor.

I guess when ibis is on, camera use a smaller image area and upscale it after the shot to give the same image size than without ibis.

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But the sock make you shake, so you take blurry ideal picture no ?

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On article Sigma announces full-frame 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM Art lens (232 comments in total)
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gameshoes3003: I wonder how this will stack up to the Tamron 15-30.

I am groot

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On article Sigma announces full-frame 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM Art lens (232 comments in total)
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Miguel Teotonio: Who cares? What about Sigma FE lenses for SONY?! :)

Sony ? The playstation and smartphone maker sell camera now ? :)

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On article Sigma announces full-frame 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM Art lens (232 comments in total)
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RedFox88: How much? $2500?

Same idea here : 1 buck per gram, so 1999$ ;)

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TacticDesigns: RE: "The E-PL9 finally has a built-in flash, so you no longer need to tote around the small external flash that came with earlier models."

Well. The Olympus E-PL1 and E-PL2 had a built-in flash.

When the Olympus E-PL2 came out, I looked at it and thought . . . that would be an awesome vacation camera.

Then when the Olympus E-PL3 came out and the built-in flash was removed, I thought . . . OK, I don't want to have to carry around a flash unit on vacation.

So I ended up with a Pentax Q.

But . . . now that there is a built-in flash again, I am suddenly interested in the Olympus E-PL line of cameras again. Especially since it still has the exposure mode dial. :)

IMHO this is a very nice development.

I have Pentax Q and GM1, there have the same size, but GM1 have a 16mpx 4/3 sensor. I prefer the Pentax Q ergonomics.
I wonder why Panasonic stop producing the GMx line, a GM9 with the new 20mpx sensor and 4K will make a great tool, and with an addition of a 15mm f2 pancake it will be even better.

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On article Google Pixel 2 gallery updated (54 comments in total)

Good to very good at screen size view. At 100%, it's noisy (especially in the shadows) and sometime over sharpenned. Even with HDR, some highlight in the sky are blown out. Color rendition is very good.

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ozturert: So Canon sells only 4-5 bodies (mostly low-end, casual models), 5-6 lenses, and entered mirrorless market many years after Sony. By the way, Sony also sells entry level models such as A5000, A6000, even Nex-5r. And if you look at lens variety in Sony, it is like 5-6 times more than Canon's mirrorless line.
And you can lift shadows by 5 stops in Sony whereas Canon is only good for like 3? And Sony 6500 has incredibly fast AF, fast FPS, can take 4K video whereas Canons only take 1080p@60? And Sony has the only full frame mirrorless models in the market?
And still Canon beats Sony?
So guess what is wrong with Sony's strategy and marketing message?

Canon is well known in imaging, with camera and printer. Sony is well known for playstation and smartphone. Sony lacks small, good and cheap lenses. Canon have a complete system, three good zoom from wide angle to telephoto, one small and good prime, equiv to a 35mm, and an adapter for the other lenses. I have three mirroless . Em1, great but overcomplicated to use :), gm1, small, very good small kit zoom but ergonomic i don’t like the ergonomics and the rear dial is too easy to click instead of turn :( and a eos M, yes the first one, very well build, better than the gm1, ergonomic is made for photographer, easy to understand and use, dpp photo is a good photo processing software too. Maybe it’s strange but for me sony is electronic device, and canon is photographic device.

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In the video, it's looks like they use a weapon and not a camera. "Dial", "Menu", "Shooting"
And for Pentax, there is some crazy test on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo61t5fH6Qw, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDcUQNofFJU and the cold russian test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4U_DAtGXWQ

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Ok, they sell the tech to a startup, so the next step is a Kickstarter funding campain, with a cool youtube video :)

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The 3 remind me of Judge Dreed, the 2012 movie.

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I use a manual lense with my pentax, and it’s hard to get focus, even with the green focus led. You shoot at real aperture, so in dim light you see almost nothing. You must also disable ibis or change the focal lense every time you change the lense. And since i have an apsc camera, 35mm is like 50, 50 is a short tele and 80 is a portrait lenses, but pray for your model not to move.
With my other camera, an Omd, focusing is far easier, with focus peaking and bright evf, but those focal lengths are not useful. With a sony mirroless ff, it’s maybe the perfect manual hipster lenses. Or for use with a film camera.

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On article These are the 15 most popular Flickr photos of 2017 (208 comments in total)
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loafer: Similar to last year and perhaps even more so - these are nearly all Romantic in style. Where is the gritty realism of a grizzled hobo, the beauty of a modern machine or even a post modern whimsical staged realistic fantasy? The deeper question is why do we love the Romantic style - to fill the void of the (ironically named) social network.

And HDR look is always popular.

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Ebrahim Saadawi: How does it technically work, by bracketing ISO, shutter speed or Aperture?

Why don't fast cameras do that?

I mean my Canon 5DIV can do 7fps why can't it take three images at 100, 500, and 1000 ISOs at half a second and merge them together? What about the 20fps and 16fps A7 & 1dx? 1/6 of a second for three exposures?

Or does the pixel have a high shadow DR sensor and simply shoots at lowest ISO and pushes the midtones + shadows?

Some camera have that, call night shot mode or handeld twilight . Hdr mode work the same. But in the case of the pixel 2, there is special hardware and software that compute the result for better result. Camera manufacturer simply merge three or more shot. My old lumia 950 do better than my em1, capturing two or three shot and let me tweak it after by simply drag a slider. Camera manufacturer are quite conservative

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ovlov: Does this fix the pixel 2 XL screen burn in issue?

Google says there is no burn in issue, it’s just a calibration problem, or your eyes :) Ok Google, time to buy some real amoled screen from Samsung, and not poor china copies :) :)

Link | Posted on Nov 28, 2017 at 21:52 UTC

Marketing says « Awesome deep shadow and bright sky » photographers says « blocked shadow and overexpose sky » :)

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On article The Leica CL is (almost) what the TL should have been (424 comments in total)
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mosc: Putting a paint job on the A6500 would have lead to a better camera.

And a wood handle, very important the wood handle :)

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