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  • They  are all intended to be creative themes, so it is up to you - when voting - to decide whether the image is on topic.
  • You simply have not gone back far enough. There have been many attempts to get DPR to address the issues with Challenges. Both of the links I gave you were attempts to get this done and ...
  • This is from five years ago. Read the post by Simon Joinson https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51391686
  • In the thread I referenced above the general manager of DPR said he agreed that changes were needed and asked for input. That was four months ago. Over the years DPR has addressed the subject ...
  • One of many such discussions https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/60986464
  • Replied in The poor
    The Talented shooter's award winning photograph has gone viral and the "Fund Me" page for Twitchly has reached $43,500. I think that photographs of the poor, downtrodden, and abused have done far ...
  • It is the job of the host to decide what does and does not meet his challenge. That is why they have the power to disqualify entries. Why do you enter or want to enter a challenge that sucks?
  • "each image's final rank is a combination of its average rating and our confidence in that average based on the number of people who rated it, compared to its peers"
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    We really do not know how big the difference is: First there are 10 stars, those half stars count. Second Since Bayesian techniques are used, a “Star” does not have the same value on any given ...
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    The two most frequent complaints you see in the Challenge discussion forum are: Placement: "My photo was not the best in the challenge but no way was it 47th out of 92" and 0.5 votes "My photo was ...
  • Speaking of comprehension. The Point was there is very little separation between the entries in this challenge. There was less then a 3 point difference between the first and last place entries. I ...
  • You finished 1.637 Points(?) behind the first place entry and are quitting?  Thank you
  • Replied in Challenges
    This is ethnic cleansing of the voting population. It promotes a cultural norm and punishes/excludes those who have a different view, and takes majority rule to the extreme. Stopping cheating is ...
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    You are aware that the front pages scrolls, right?
  • Hey Charlie I pretty much agree with Skylane. Not really sure how one becomes a Moderator and even less sure of why one would want the position
  • I don't change my system based on the number of participants.  Timing has also effect the number of participants. On occasion if my first run through shows a challenge is a total mess I do not ...
  • No I do not have a template, perhaps a method? We are not grading Nat  Geo level material here. Some participants of these challenges take the voting results way to seriously. There have been cases ...
  • I have not voted in several months,got burned out I very seldom voted a 0.5 and maybe 10 - 15 5.0 votes of the 46K Many comment on the many great photos in challenges, there are very few (if any) ...
  • That would mean Conj has HOSTED  about 648 more challenges then AZblue has entered!
  • Do you want simple or do you want a challenge?
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