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  • Replied in Green Heron
    Was out for a walk with my daughter and we came across this Green Heron hunting. It must have been a primo spot, because another heron chased this one away a few minutes later.
  • Thank you for the replies. I am shooting with a Fuji X-T4, in this case with the 70-300mm lens. The IBIS/OIS running out of room sounds like a good explanation, since I can see it happening on ...
  • Created discussion thread How to reduce Judder?
    This is shot from a small moving boat, so I am being jostled around quite a bit by the wind and waves. I have IBIS and OIS turned on, but digital stabilization is turned off, and this is filmed at ...
  • No, it is not bad at all for video. The situation that I have experienced that tends to trip up the AF is a busy background that is behind and close to the subject. For example, a chainlink fence ...
  • Using your settings on your file, my computer takes 12 seconds. I wonder how fast this would be on a newer M1 machine? I usually don't use both lens sharpness and the unsharp mask tool. I just use ...
  • Just as another data point - the time it takes to export a jpeg depends on the photo, even when the same level of DeepPrime is used between photos. My exports regularly take between 5-9 seconds. I ...
  • IMO the X-T series is under-appreciated as a sports camera. With fast readout from the APS-C sensor making the electronic shutter surprisingly useful, and the capability to shoot at 20fps or even ...
  • In addition to electronic shutter, turn sports finder mode on. That should reveal the higher fps options.
  • Replied in 3D Pop
    Thank you for the links. To be clear, the images were not intended to be representative examples of 3D pop, but to initiate discussion around how to increase the spacial cues associated with 3D ...
  • I highly recommend DXO. I am able to get images that I am very happy with in much less time and with much less effort than I could using C1 or any other processing software. Of course, it's a ...
  • Replied in 3D Pop
    There have been a lot of different opinions expressed over the course of the 3D pop discussion across the 3 current threads. It's clear that there is little agreement around what 3D pop is, and ...
  • Replied in 3D Pop
    Sorry, but you are just plain wrong here. Life jackets, especially ones for kids are made of materials and colours that reflect light in such a way that make them appear brilliant, even in flat ...
  • Replied in 3D Pop
    Thank you for this suggestion! That's exactly what I'm hoping for, and I'm looking forward to checking it out.
  • Replied in 3D Pop
    I would appreciate reading something about what you have learned over those 5 years.
  • Replied in 3D Pop
    Agreed. But I do think it is something that can be manipulated in post.
  • Thanks for posting some examples. You provide a good example of pop, which is achieved not just through the narrow depth of field, but also because of your use of side-lighting to highlight ...
  • Replied in 3D Pop
    Thanks, this is an interesting read. You are probably right about avoiding the use of ambiguous terms; but it is more than clarity, sharpness, depth of field, image lines, and light. I suspect ...
  • Replied in 3D Pop
    I appreciate all the thoughts and commentary. Pop and micro-contrast are definitely poorly defined terms, and I am trying to come to grips with their ambiguity as well. If software can be used ...
  • Replied in 3D Pop
    That’s why I used these images - I believe that pop and shallow depth of field are not the same thing.
  • Created discussion thread 3D Pop
    This is a continuation of a tangential discussion about 3D pop from here: I definitely think that some images have more 3D pop than others, and I ...
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