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  • As far as I know--YES!
  • Ah! The Old Maths  excuse For Windows. So if they can make a 10TB HDD then surely they can add on that little extra so we don't lose any Gigabytes when formatting. After all, they cost more than ...
  • I have same monitor as you + a Spider 4 Elite and get no problems with the colour. I use to get 6500K but that was when it was Daylight in the room. Now I do my profiling when its near dark but ...
  • System Administration---Common Settings---Power Off Timer..... Give it a try. Works for me. Thank You All for Helping.
  • I wasted near £400 of ink trying to Solve my Light Black. Even had over 6 lots of Re setter Full Chips that only worked once. I tried everything under the Sun to get the Light Black working. ...
  • What a RIP OFF by Epson...Why do we Photographers let them RIP us off this way. Time to stand up n be counted I think....I glad I went for the P600 now.
  • Thank you All for the Help. I managed to sort it out. It is Buried Deep in the settings. Now set to OFF & Printer left on. Prints first time. I will switch it off once a week, overnight.
  • Hi sportfish At the moment I'm using the Epson cartridges that were half full for Initialization (Rip Off Epson) I have NOT updated the Software as I have a "Perma Jet" Ink System ready to install. ...
  • Created discussion thread Epson-P600 printer
    I buy this Epson P600 printer even though all my other Epsons gave up the Ghost after a while. This being New should have better technology with it. I know that if I switch it off, then back on a ...
  • Why don't you simply make a folder 2016-08-13 and highlight all your images, right click and drag n drop into that folder.
  • If you not planning on buying a new camera any time soon, why upgrade to CC and pay monthly for something that will never be yours..Best to stay with PSCS5 or 6 and LR 5.7 . Do you really, really ...
  • Are You All working for Microsoft. If Not, why are you installing that piece of Malware/Spyware called Windows 10. This last huge update was a farce. Good job I managed to find a program or two ...
  • I been getting that with "Windows Explorer" lately. Has done my head in. It closes down along with 6 icons in my quick launch. On Win 7 Ultra.. Now trying to get use to Windows Commander instead.
  • Michael frid Not everyone can afford those High end printers so some have to make do with the p800 or in my case p600. For anyone's benefit who gets confused with all the reply's that are too ...
  • Thanks a Ton on all the info..Appreciated Lots... I know I hate my Epson r3000 for packing up when I needed it most. Well, more than hate it. LOL I'm kind of leaning towards the epson p-600 seeing ...
  • THANKS jtoolman---Appreciated.....I'm still going Eeeeny Meeny Minee Moo on the Canon 10 or Epson p600. Decisions, decisions. Duh!! LOL
  • Microsoft have Selfishly decided not to do Codecs any more....Typical of them.
  • Thank You jtoolman---Appreciated... I saw a video of the cartridge refilling on Canon Pro10. They took the Red bottom off and dribbled the ink in. Is that correct way. Leaning more towards the ...
  • I for one Never Updated IE as I never used it. Never had a problem. As of about 6 months ago I stopped ALL updates on my Win7 and it has not Exploded yet or gone googa on me. Good Luck with ...
  • Created discussion thread Canon Pixma Pro10/s
    How Good is the Canon Pixma Pro10/s...Is it as Good as the Epson r3000 ? How Good does it print when you open the empty cartridges and fill with other makers ink ? My Epson r3000 (after 4 years and ...
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