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On article Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary (596 comments in total)

At first the "sizzle" of this camera caught my attention, however since the "sizzle" has gone and the "steak" has revealed itself, it has left me wondering what is the point. Sure the video function is good and the sensor looks to be decent, but for over $1100, the "sizzle" is not enough to sell this one to me. Also the new 10-30 does not feature a lens hood or filter thread, why Nikon? The way i see this camera is this is what Nikon wants people who would have once bought a P&S to now buy this. People who dont really know much about photography to give it a second thought. I support nikon but with cameras like the D5200 getting replaced every 2 years and bringing cameras out like this designed to be sold to the guy next door i am starting to question their brand values. Obviously they are more concentrated on making $$$ then making a quality product that people will love and have for years to come

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