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Yes! I find the original analyses from DXO incomprehensible although very thorough I am sure. Something that brings the evident science in producing data to a better interpretation for me would be valuable! John at

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marike6: I have zero issues with raw, which is all I shoot with the X10. Lightroom 4 and ACR work perfectly, AFAIK, and I've never seen anything from the images like the raws in the Comparison tool (RAW images from my X10 are as sharp or sharper than my previous XZ1 and GRD III). The jpegs are very good, but raws look terrific. Fuji colors are always excellent, the x10 has a superb lens, and high ISO ability is very strong for such a camera.

All of these are raw processed in Lightroom 4, exported to jpeg

DPR, thanks for the review. Maybe you can reshoot the raw section, as the current images there do a diservice to a wonderful camera (You can borrow my X10, it has a new sensor, and is good to go). The way the raw comparison is now is really not representative of the output the X10 produces without breaking a sweat.

Thanks for the excellent series Marike! I always shoot raw with Nikon using Nikon software but have been so pleased with Fujifilm OOC jpgs I haven't bothered with bundled software. You have inspired me so I will now install an on sale copy of Lightroom 3 that has been sitting around for months unopened. Here are some of the best of my X10 including a trip to Rome when I decided to leave my dSLR home and just enjoy unencumbered portability. I was impressed.

Amadou. Thanks for being so forthright and helpful ... and out here in the comments section to dialogue with members. Neat!!! As a former internet network coordinator with responsibility for a suite of forums, this is exemplary and brings reasoned and informative exchanges of ideas!

John -

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Andy Westlake wrote:

> Which is precisely why we're delaying the review - we're waiting for the promised 'anti-orbing' FW update. Until then it's on hold.

> Andy Westlake

Thanks Andy. Now that is good and welcome news! I believe that this is the first real confirmation that anyone has heard of yet another FW upgrade directed at the orbs per se.

John from Toronto
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Andy Westlake wrote:

> Which is precisely why we're delaying the review - we're waiting for the promised 'anti-orbing' FW update. Until then it's on hold.

> Andy Westlake

Hello Andy.

As orbs were immediately visible and destructive to photos, I wrote to Fujifilm Canada, Fujifilm Japan and Henrys Cameras where I purchased the camera. My return period has long ago expired so I waited with patience for a "recognition" of the issue from Fujifilm, that incidentally never came, just a waffle.

Here is what the X10 *can do*.

You and DPReview also waited "in good faith". The "fix" did nothing that I can detect.

Now for a DPreview!! What's up? A potential recall? Another fix? A review? If not now, when? I really do feel you should either publish or explain. Many of us have been with DPReview for years. But it is time for you to step up to the plate and do something.


John from Toronto
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Hallelujah DPreviewers! The coverage of an obvious and serious fault is becoming more widespread!

The orbs have been visible in all modes with the right conditions and in all ISOs. I have reported same months ago to Fujifilm Japan, Fujifilm Canada and my local Canadian Bricks and Mortar superstore.

Looked fwd to the firmware upgrade. Nope. It doesn't work. I use and have used Nikon pro equipment for years. It's a great camera aside from the orbs. I don't publish "bad" or "faulty" results.

Thus what you see online at my (almost) daily photoblog is the best of what the X10 can do. It's a third take anywhere camera. BUT it does have a fatal flaw. It needs to be corrected.

Can you somehow convey this to, up until now, a Fujifilm management team with their heads in the proverbial sand.

Sensor recall. Lens recall. Real firmware (?) fix. Just do it!

John from Toronto
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BIG disappointment! It was clearly not an EXR issue (c'mon Fujifilm, let's get real.) but a widespread one across all modes. Great pics but NOT in the conditions I know to be the case. Here is what it can do. I don't post pics of stuff that does not work. But .... Fujifilm, FIX it or admit that you're just a second class wannabee.

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