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On article Nikon updates firmware for discontinued CoolPix P7000 (37 comments in total)

First, thanks for the "heads-Up," you beat Nikon because I subscribe and they usually Email me about updates for my registered cameras or I see it when I go on "My Nikon" page. I did the v1.1 right after I bought the camera and didn't know there was a v1.2 ... Haven't had any problems since 1.1 but I did the update anyway.

I agree with Nuddy. It's not unusual for Nikon to update drivers for old cameras. I pass all my old equipment down to family and friends. In January (2011) Nikon updated the D70 I gave my dad 5 years ago.

Part of the P7000's negative press was caused by firmware issues that they fixed quickly with an update. The only real difference between the 7000 and the 7100 seems to be the flip out LCD. And that makes the camera slightly larger ... it barely fits in a "Big Pocket" as it is ;-)

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eyedo: On the Fuji x100 I was able to get ISO 3200 that looked better than the Nikon D7000 at ISO 400.
I had even good usable results at ISO 5000.

The Canon s95 looks good at ISO 800. I've not gone beyond that.

Fast 2.0 lens on it which is nice.

I'm disappointed in Nikon's compact offerings. Which it would work-would love to use all of my SB-900's in commander mode with them without using my Pockets Wizard's when I'm on a trip.
I like to travel light. :-)

Wow, I've never seen so many testy responses on this site.

First: If you're a comedian that has to explain your jokes, you're not a very good comedian. If you're a photographer that has to tell how much you make to justify your pictures ... Well, I suppose you get the drift here.

Second: If we're trying to compare the x100 with the "D7000" the D7000 is in a completely different class than the P7000. I think this review is about the P7000.

Third: the x100 is a fixed (Prime) lens and while prime lenses are cool, it's comparing apples and kangaroos ( I put that in there for our Aussie friend ... I Love Melbourne!).

Fourth: The x100 is not a "Compact", it's a retro range-finder form factor. [Not that the P7000 is terribly compact itself but it's lots smaller]

Fifth: For Proshooter... Make sure you are running firmware 1.1 on the P7000. It fixes a lot of the slow performance that was found on the first production run. It became a completely different camera after the firmware update.

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Tigadee: There are absolutely no changes to the sensor or lens, so I can't imagine that the P7100 would be any different from the P7000 IQ-wise. Therefore, there won't be any differences in the P7100's high ISO images and the P7000's so why worry about the lack of high ISO samples? Looks like it's only improvements in the firmware or internal hardware (processor perhaps?) to resolve the AF and operational speed issues we'll see (plus the new screen, of course). Small but nice touches... If only Nikon would offer the firmware and speed improvements tp P7000 owners like me. How about it, Nikon?!

My experience with Nikon so far (D70, D2X, S8000, etc) is that they do retroactively pass down all the improvements they can. Obviously a firmware update can't make the new jog wheel appear on the front but we can probably expect upgrades that share many of the upgrades with the P7000 as long as they aren't particular to the new processor and mechanical interface. Meanwhile, the P7000 is a tremendous carry along, especially since they updated the firmware last winter.

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