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Leica owner for many years.
Now using a Leica T, a Leica M-P 240 "Safari"and a Sony RX-100. Also use a Leica model III (1933) and a Leica IIIg (1957) for film photography.

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  • Very nice shots, thank you.  Beautiful color and wonderful subjects. Am curious, however, you had a guide "to keep out of trouble."  What were you worried about? Second question, am thinking of ...
  • Very nice set of photos. Did they come straight out of the camera or did you make post processing? Thanks, Michael
  • I've read about MS lenses but can anyone testify as to what makes them special, apart from being cheaper comparable Leica lenses?
  • Replied in New leica TL
    This may be old news but the original Leica T had great promise that was let down, in my opinion, by an unreliable autofocus.  I consistently found that as many as one out of 10 images were out of ...
  • I would interpret your question to mean this: assuming I buy the SL, should I also buy the 24-90 mm zoom or spend an equivalent amount on other lenses?  Which route provides the better utilization ...
  • Replied in Holding the SL
    Shigzeo -- I think you are right that a more pliable strap would be better.  I just bought a Black Rapid strap and will try it.  Thanks! Michael
  • Created discussion thread Holding the SL
    I initially complained about the weight of the SL. Now that I own the SL, I find it is true that weight of the camera makes the use of the strap around your neck dangerous to your health. Even ...
  • Replied in SL mea cupla
    Actually I purchased the T when it first came out.  I love the design, the lightweight lenses from Japan, the EVF, which is far superior in my opinion to the one made for the M240 and the ...
  • Replied in SL mea cupla
    Dave, I am 72 and Leica shooter for 50 years, having purchased a model III (1933) in high school.  I have survived my second bout with cancer and lost a lot of strength, but still want the best ...
  • Replied in SL mea cupla
    MPA1, You might look at the SL.  It's got a very good eyepiece, not quite optical quality, but awfully close.  The autofocus is terrific and will improve your shooting.  Of course you will have to ...
  • Replied in SL mea cupla
    Jeff, Understand you situation.  But I have more money than time.  At 72 I've had two cancers and a huge dose of chemotherapy and radiation.  I've got the money so "why wait?"  Or, as I tell my ...
  • Replied in SL mea cupla
    Wow, where do you live?  I love the pictures.  They remind me of our house in Louisville, KY.
  • Replied in SL mea cupla
    There is certainly no harm from waiting.  I have a friend who is a Leica fan and expert photographer and teacher.  He has an Edition 60 (the fancy one that costs $16000.)  But his "work camera" is ...
  • Replied in SL mea cupla
    Flip, My apologies for not responding sooner but I'm new to the camera and had to get it out to experiment before I could answer your good questions. I am assuming that you would use Leica adapters ...
  • Replied in SL mea cupla
    Rodrigue, I am not a video guy and would be very interested in your thoughts when or if you make your test.  Please post your results and send me a message so I will be sure to read it. Thanks. Michael
  • Replied in SL mea cupla
    Daedalus, You pose an excellent question and I realize I'm out on limb here and the wind is blowing.  I'm no pixel-peeper.  I've done no comparison tests between the cameras under controlled ...
  • Created discussion thread SL mea cupla
    Ok, so I badmouthed the introduction of the SL because it seemed to me Leicas were getting bigger and heavier, a pet peeve of mine.  Well, I have since bought one, and this is by way of confession. ...
  • First off, thanks for the great sample pictures. I especially like the one of the guy with a Seahawks hat reading.

    At $1700, the closest competitor is probably the Leica T (also without a lens.) ...

  • I like the 75 mm Summarit on my MP 240 but it also serves extremely well on my Leica T, where the effective focal length is 115 mm.  Here are some samples (these are jpegs with no post-processing): ...
  • Congratulations on some well composed and evocative images. I live in Seattle and been by Alki probably 1000 times.  I have stopped to admire the view, but only taken a picture very occasionally.  ...
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