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  • Touch screen, being able to select focus point, focus and shoot with one single touch is a must in my book for street photography.
  • Replied in What about me?
    Olympus would not discontinue (if that is true indeed) the Pen F if it were bringing profit. Obviously the one to blame here is the non buyers who aren't willing to pay a premium for a premium ...
  • My ideal travel lens would be a small 14-75mm  f/2.8-3,5 .... 200 at the long end isn't all that useful and makes the lens un-necessarily conspicuous. For the rare occasions when 200mm is desired, ...
  • Not certain that I understand the issue. Viewfinder brightness adjustment has nothing to do with the ability to see the exposure level. Can't you just turn off the auto adjust option for the EVF ...
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    I assigned the magnify function to the Video button, which I have no use for. Works great.
  • Ditto. First camera a Kodak 126mm film camera, followed by first purchased film camera the Yashica Electro TL 35mm w/ 50mm lens, followed by first digital camera the Pentax Optio 33WR, first and ...
  • I always find in-camera HDR overdone myself. I think your best bet is to shoot morning or late afternoon, overexpose the outside without clipping the white in RAW for single shot HDR in PP. Best ...
  • I agree, this is what a flash bracket is for! Having a small embedded flash can sometimes be useful, but at the expense of a larger body. Since SR is taking significant space, Ricoh had little ...
  • I don't get it, if you don't want to contribute to this forum, just ignore it and don't log in; why delete your account?
  • Funny, I was expecting the avian kind :-) I like the camel shot, too bad though that the left camel got cut off.
  • Nice work, although those first 2 models look like they spent the night at a party and haven't bothered to go to sleep!
  • True, although extending the mount significantly increases the pressure on the body mount, as the centre of gravity is moved outward, basic lever theory. Good ingeneering would ensure that the ...
  • Perhaps by design to prevent damage to the camera mount when mishandling long heavy lenses.
  • It would be nice to see what you are describing. One possibility is the use of a long heavy telephoto lens, which isn't supported by anything, like when mounting the combo on a tripod, or worse, ...
  • I also think that it has nothing to do with aperture, but rather shutter speed. Try f7 at the same speed as wide open, raise ISO and see what happens. Most likely a strobe synch issue.
  • Interesting observations, it leaves me wondering however without seeing a comparative image taken at the same time with another cameras to demonstrate the points raised.  Also, OV3 might /should ...
  • I had a similar moment once when I flipped my camera 90 degrees to shoot in portrait mode and the LCD screen turned black.... I was wearing polarised sunglasses 😁
  • Have you tried focus manually, 16X picking a bright star?
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    At priori this would be too much for me. Are you going on a trip dedicated to photography, or just taking photos on your trip? If the later, I usually take my EM-10 with 17mm. That’s it!  Small, ...
  • Yes, London Drugs has a dedicated photography department.
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