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42mm equivalent, s.th. like a 28mm on an APS-C. Best trade off for wide, in the sense of how much to include and focus on what to let stand out. # just my 2 cents

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Actually Google street view can be seen as a covert intelligence action with the goal of preparing for war. Very much old political style, but an understandable fear. Trump and Clinton are both not helping to build trust. And it is trust that the US desperately need. You guys are not alone on this planet, grow up.

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Quit my Flickr account after their 'redesign' several years back. Never regretted it. Flickr sucks.

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T0.95(35mm SLRMagic) on Fuji X-T1 - a dream ;)

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Own the SLRMagic 35mm 0.95 for Fuji. Use it on a X-T1 - just fabulous!

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Crap, this Intelectual Property crap should be banned from the internet.

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Petka: Good choice! I got one right away when they became available to fill the gap in the X-Pro1 lens family (I had 14mm, 35mm and 55-200 at that time) and as a back-up camera for travel projects. Too bad the battery can not be recharged with X-Pro1 charger, though, that is almost the only complaint I have.

Here are some samples from a trip that I could not have done with DSLRs:


Secret, giant monasteries of Eastern Tibet. Shot with X-Pro1 and X100s.

WOW, good pictures!

I must correct, excellent pictures! They become better and better towards the end. Congrats!

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samhain: Focus peaking?! Awesome!

Looks like fokus peaking is still to come. 23 July?

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zdys: Fuji X-E1, Leica Elmarit 28mm, NX2 Nik Filter:

Sorry, I don´t get it. Is there a comma missing or a word too much? Anyway what is your point? That anyone can do the same with some PS - ok, I agree, so what?
X-E1 and a Leica 28mm is as small and sharp as a good image quality travel camera can get. For my opinion. The link was to show my preferences.
Most pictures are shot hyperfocal. Retouching any of the shown pictures was done in less than 60sec. I think someone who is interested in the X-E1, therefore the post, can judge by him/ herself. Instead of naming NX2 and Nik I could also have just said - slight postprocessing, yes.
The X-E1 is a hammer of a camera, check my gear to see the Nikon stuff I will now sell.

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Fuji X-E1, Leica Elmarit 28mm, NX2 Nik Filter:

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Just ordered a Leica M adapter - the low cost version. Will test some Zeiss and Leica lenses on it. Elmarit 28mm seems to be a good choice for this machine, what do you think? It should be the always with me camera/ lens combination.

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Jeff Morris: I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, these Fuji lenses are built to a very high order. The 18-55 f2.8-4 is all metal, built like a Zeiss or Leica lens. Fuji builds many Hassy bodies and lenses, a highly under rated company. My 18-55 has a build and feel at least as good as my Nikkor pro glass had.

So, anyone out there that doubts the quality of the Fuji lenses needs to go to the store and handle Fuji glass. You will realize in short order it is nothing like the Plastic stuff we get from Nikon and Canon, and forget Sigma and Tammy, it's in a complete different league.

@RadPhoto I got the X-E1 (Kit with 18-55) too. I have it with me almost all the time. I LOVE IT! With the Nikon Adapter I shoot the 50mm 1.4 - perfect for available light. As soon as the pancake will be available - I will have it. This is just a wonderful little machine. It is a milestone as much as the D700 once was.

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Deleted78792: Here's another idea to reduce cost and size further. Remove the LCD. The eye-on-EVF method provides for more stability and is a more immersive experience. Yes, the flexibility to shoot from close to the ground or the camera held above the head is lost, but not much else. Many of us use the LCD just for chimping anyway. Removing it will also allow for a more discreet shooting experience. With high quality EVFs now available, why even bother with an LCD?

Btw, imaging resource has a very nice preview too.

I like your idea. Not only would you lower the cost, but you could finally again also take a camera in rough environments without having to fear scratching the glass. I´d like it - VERY RETRO FEALING. Of course looking at the images in EVF would have to be possible - that´s clear.

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photofan1986: Sony, come on, enough cameras already! We want decent lenses, as well as some pancakes!

Leica, Leitz and adapter. Any better lense?

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