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Is this even legal? Are we buying the thing or just leasing it?

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martuyn: Whats the point in 12K, can't show it anywhere. Concentrade on 4K thats usefull.

The point is 'driving innovation'. There must be always someone pushing the frontiers, or we would always remain in our home town.

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Hundreds of millions of people drive their cars everyday and only a few can say 'We drove on the Moon!'.

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ottonis: So, and what exactly are the photography- or video- specific properties of these laptops that would set them apart from other gaming or multimedia laptops?

Do they even provide an SD card slot?

What is the relevance of this announcement for a digital photography site?

I am confused.

May-be (or June-be, by now) the fact that it has up to a decent GPU such as Nvidia GTX 3080? It is a tangent reason, but still a reason.

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I can kill all the negative comments with one single consideration: regardless whether a new technology is immediately useful per se, it is immediately useful to make the previous technology more affordable and the future technology finally meaningful.

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Bigsensorisbest: I would have to ask what is missing from someone’s life where they feel a need to participate in these competitions, life’s too short I shoot for personal satisfaction, I don’t need success in competitions, if professional I would only be interested in profit not competing

Whoever aims for greatness, success or, in general, public recognition is lacking of something. And, more or less, we all do lack of something. Very few of us are so lucky to have reached the equilibrium, a point in life where you are so happy and satisfied with what you have that you do not need anything else. I dare to say, we would be inert like helium. However, that's not how life, and, for extension, Nature, work. Once I read that humans being are born to suffer. And if they do not suffer, they suffer. If we would be so happy and satisfied, would we evolve?

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Emilien Leonhardt: Hello everyone, it's very nice to see all your messages and I am overwhelmed by the reactions. As an avid reader of this website, it's an honor to see this article and to read all the constructive comments. This was a big first for us, we never automated scans with such long distances, and stitched so many images. Since then we have improved things quite a bit with "horizontal" scanner instead of "vertical", and our camera resolution + lens quality has also improved a lot! :) Stay tuned! If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them as much as I can! Greetings!

Good job! Keep it up!

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snapa: Taking a a massive 10 billion pixel panorama is definately a pixel peepers dream picture. I'm not sure why anone would want to look at a 10 billion pixel picture, but I'm sure there are people out there that would want to do that, for some strange reason. :/

No strange reasons. I am thinking of those who are studying painting and want to analyze the works of their favourite painters in such details as if they had those paintings in front of them. I would love that.

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shigzeo: I'm getting the feeling that corporations, or someone, somewhere, really, really, wants to be able to capture our visages in enough detail for some reason.

Who know what reasons for...

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Am I the only one to NOT like the BlinkAI Night Mode? First impression, it blows the highlights away (look at the lights in the background). Second impression, it does not look like a night video anymore but something in between a late afternoon/early sunset thing with lots of artificial light. If that's intended to be a demo, it will surely make me a non client for them.

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redtailboas: Incredible dpreview put that first photo of the cat with it's ear completely blurred with the background. Fail! If that's what Pixel is up against, it's already won.

You don't understand. The DoF was very narrow, being shot at 0.5 aperture.

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Merida: If this can take a picture through smoke 40 Km away, can it take a picture through clear sky between, say, London and NY? What's the limit?

No, unless we live on a flat earth.

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The saddest thing about it is that you need Chrome to view it in 4K.

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Well, I can turn 'Apple' into a verb. To be Apple'd means to have received a brainwash and become an Apple fan. It is pronounced like 'Idxxt'.

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Mike FL: Huawei as an arm of communist government as seen from "China threatens ‘repercussions’ on Canada if Huawei 5G banned":

In other words, Canada government should be VERY scared as Chinese communist government will crash Canada if do not use Huawei 5G.

Why China forces Canada to use Huawei 5G? Canada is member of "Five Eyes", and it is the ONLY Eye left which is still possible to let Chinese communist government get in to its communication system or "Five Eyes" communication system.

Below is the "Five Eyes" 101 if you do not know it:

Apologize, but can you rephrase your post? I could not understand but I am interested in the subject.

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Giulio Severini: Any-way.
Planet Earth has been through more disastrous disasters than what we represent, so... what I am saying is... poor future generations.

@Scottelly - I am not sure why but I cannot directly reply to someone's replies. However, I was referring to the fact that I am witnessing lack of scientific mentality all over the world. Science definitely is not the final truth and will never be, but it is our best asset. Not using it? Our worst choice. Future generations will pay not only for our stupidity but, unfortunately, also for theirs.

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Can anyone explain to me what would be the reason for buying such an old piece?

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Planet Earth has been through more disastrous disasters than what we represent, so... what I am saying is... poor future generations.

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sirhawkeye64: Yeah I think they need to go back through and re-test again... there's a reason that the D750 seems to come up a lot in DSLR tests and reviews/lists, even though it's a 4 year old body. DPR, if you're going to bring this up as a link from a recent article, at least update the tests again to be sure. People also need to keep in mind that some of the cameras on here 4 years old (like the D750) so they are built around 4 year old sensor technology (we won't go into the mirror part because for the sake of comparison of quality we should look at the common components that make up a good camera (sensor, processor, AF system, etc) and less about how the user sees the scene in front of them IMO.

I am not sure of what you said (your whole paragraph got orphaned at some point). But, as a friend of mine once said, a good camera does not stop to be good just because new models come out.

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I believe that 'View Gallery' articles should specify a 'normalized' environment for viewing the images. I mean, how can it be the same the perception of an image between someone who sees it with a non calibrated HD monitor and someone who see is with a calibrated UHD monitor?
Your opinion?

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