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Spending more time in places where stalkers do not rule the boards.

Email me if you want to know where all the good posters and photographers went.

Pretty much anywhere but here!

This place is really gone to the dogs.

People talking trash about other people, what place does that have here? None.

I come back from time to time to see if it has gotten better, it just keeps getting worse.

As a ten year follower of this place (Phil you know that is true) and thousands of positive posts (again true) why do you let this happen to such a wonderful business?

I guess it just proves the value of forum boards to businessman like you. Not much! I have hundreds of hours here building up your business, thousands of us do, I am not alone, yet you talk down to us, ignore us, and let us be ravaged by awful stalkers in the boards.

I have had enough and I am out, again.

Last one out, turn off the lights.

Want some advice on how to run a camera review site? How about doing reviews on current cameras BEFORE everyone has already purchased them! And taking care of all your customers, even the forum members that made your business what it was yesterday (today it is falling apart)

You have my email, you can send me an apology and ask me to come back. I will agree to that, as long as you clean house and remove the scum first.

Your forum pages would come back to talking about photography if you put someone in-charge that cares about photography. It is not too late, but you should act soon before it gets worse, and it gets worse every month.

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