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what sniveling hypocrites. They might as well shut themselves down since 3/4 of twitter content is based on anger, violations of decency etc. The problem with FB , Twitter etc is that they get to decide what "they" think is offensive. In the USA they are freed from libel, slander and other laws making them accountable for content as they are considered merely venues for other people's content. Of course, they are totally editorial publishers

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Tom Holly: As annoying as apples prioprietary methods are, who on earth do these bureaucrats think they are that they get to mandate product design? This is 2021, not a 1970s soviet planning office.

comparing this rule to regulation of mercury and arsenic in rivers is one of the most absurd statements I've ever seen ; if I'm flagged for "insulting comment" so be it, the post I'm replying is an insult to our intelligence

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Usually when a rep from the company participates in a forum it's to learn from customers and support them, not to fight with them. What aren't you understanding?

I'm not going to enumerate all the issues I've had in 2 years, I've posted them on your support site. I've had dozens of apps\ programs over the years. Never have I been told that the "solution" to an issue is to change the windows registry... until Luminar 4 and AI.

Believe me, all I want is to buy the thing, install it and use it with a minimal need for support.
I don't want to regret hitting"update now" or buying a new PC which won't run Luminar.

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Dear Skylum,
I find some good functionality in your luminar and luminar ai packages. But instead of introducing renamed, rebranded ,.and need to be *repurchased* products every year, why don't you try getting the bugs out of what we've already paid for first?.Every single update is an adventure. every time you try to fix something, you break something else.

Thank you

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yeah, but can it do it for animals??? If not, who need it?? Haha. Seriously. it would be good because we need the bokeh and out of focus background for our feathered an furry friends too.

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since Flickr pro is already taken, Flickr plus, Flickr gold, etc.

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Lan: Is it just me that dislikes this brand name? Self satisfied and gullible.

Don, I complained about the name yrs ago in some of your forums. it's the reason I like to keep the branding off my pages. never liked the logo or cutesy name. No offense, clearly it's something you are attached to as founder. How do you tell a father to change his baby's name? very folksy and cute like flickr, snapfish, .fly, etc but if you're catering to pros or wannabes /"serious" amateurs(lol)it's hasn't got the right ring to it, "Hey, go to smugmug it's great". What's a smugmug? A vessel for coffee? doesn't tell the story or function. Obviously it's never been a "Deal breaker"to me. I like the look/ feel, the support service from your "heroes" is remarkably quick unlike any other service org. I had a Zenfolio acct. for an offshoot of my work, but ditched it ,consolidated everything here.. I've been w/you from the beginning, stuck thru a a few blips so I guess I'm "loyal". If u really want to consider rebranding, you'd get many ideas from me included.

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On article Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials? (885 comments in total)

The answer is YES...we do need buttons and dials if we are doing photography which requires lot's of changes on the fly without removing your eyes from a viewfinder. I shoot birds and wildlife and tried going with a compact mirroless body with few physical controls. It was impossible to coordinate the brain, eye and fingers to start moving things around on a screen or with some combination of buttons. I wound up with a much bigger body that cost more but that's the price to be paid. Oh, yes, cost is a huge factor for manufacturers to cut down on buttons and levers. There's a lot more labor and materials cost to assembling all those buttons vs just having all the controls on a touch screen

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Does this have any practical use with preparing images for the digital display only?

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Psychfilms: Here's a philosophical question for photographers.... Does software like this cross the line between the true art of photography (think 'analog' as the standard) and photography as the basis for a graphic design?

In other words, would you feel comfortable providing a client or galley photographs that you took which were manipulated in the fashion available in this software?

It's a slippery slope with digital. First most all digital cameras 'process' an image in the camera based on its color science and settings (e.g. Fuji's film simulations), then there are simple post adjustments like saturation or contrast. Again the slippery slope of what you see with your eyes that you photograph and what the final presented image looks like. In some ways it's all good depending on your artistic intent. But on the other hand if you are a serious or professional photographer, does something not feel right with such manipulation? Cheers!

Everyone has an idea of what photography "should" be. How ironic for artists trying to set some standards. Maybe we can just call it Digital Art. does that make people feel. better? I see absolutely nothing wrong with using your imagination and the tools available to produce any image that pleases you or your audience. As long as it's not stealing someone else's work

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randfee2: I take pride in having achieved a good shot, so this technique is for posers and pro's who don't have sentimental value in their way.
For hobbyists like me, this will never replace the feeling of 'having been there, in that very moment'

I can see myself purchasing this software for shots that need to 'sell', need to look super stunning. For my personal photos, I don't need to fake anything!

Photography is becoming more like painting. Get a rough sketch in the field, finish it on the computer. OK with me. I hate getting out at sunrise

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I finally downloaded a trial version. I couldn't even enter my information in the opening screen.. All fields frozen. Intel 11th generation laptop processor. Oh well,, I tried. They know about issue,. have known for. months as per "support" forum. Not good.

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Why I won't buy this ( and I LIKE the sky replacement function)
1. Luminar 4 was buggy from the beginning and updates didn't always help.
2. To make matters worse, they finally got it to be functional, but it is not compatible with the latest Intel integrated graphics chip (iris xe). Non functional. Their only solution is to do a registry edit
3. I'd try AI to see if it works with my new laptop (a crapshoot) but Noooh, you can't even download a trial version, you have to pay first, and ask for your money back if you're not happy

I'm getting by w/Adobe sky replacement in PS... I actually found Lumar's easier to use and more flexible...when it actually functioned

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Mortal Lion: Ok you replaced the sky and it's reflection. Now I want Bo Derek on that horse (the young Bo Derek mind you!). To work people!

Bo who? (does anyone under 60 know?)
oh yeah, she was a "10"
...I hear she's down to a 3 now

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amateurphotographer: I recently bought Luminar 4 , solely for their sky replacement function. Which helps me to speed up my workflow when replacing the sky for architecture shoots. I've found some sky issues with Luminar 4 that seems like the AI can't cope with and the outputs are unrealistic. This may be expected under some circumstancing given this early function, but was hoping it was easy to correct. However it seems like there is no full control of the sky replacement in luminar 4. With this photoshop version sky replacement the main thing i see is the layers and masking are in full view, which means you have full control of the sky replacement. Of course we have to see how accurate is the sky replacement and realistic, but at least it's a good function to have and will surely improve with time.

Luminar works well for Sky Replacement but it's a pain in the you know what to use with Adobe. I use Smart Objects in PS, don't use Luminar for anything else. If this AI tool works, Luminar is obsolete for me at least. Normally I sympathize with the "little guy" getting squashed but after Luminar's claim the their new thing is not an "update", plus their shoddy bug filled releases, I don't care. whatever's best for the customer.

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Jer81: As an European I'm watching this new US show from the sideline. I don't care who wins the election and think this 2 political party system doesn't really functions.

But why bring US politics to a international orientated gear website?

How insane, blaming the current US president for rising oceans. He was a real estate mogul, reality show host for the past 50 years and has absolutely nothing to do with the environmental issues that the industrial world has produced as it tries to feed and house and support the poplulation. China, India and others lead the world in despoiling the environment.

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Archirum: What photography is? Another step towards the flattening of creativity.

I don't know how old you are but in the 50s a couple guys in Michigan got really rich inventing something called "paint by number"... paint a "masterpiece" without any talent or creativity. It served a huge need. No harm to anyone, the real artists. still flourished,
The AI/preset craze isn't as bad, at least the photographer has to start with a decent composition. We have been seeing "sameness" in images for years, especially, as others pointed out, with over the top HDR landscapes that almost became t
what viewers expected.
So, if you want to personally be creative, just do your own thing. You can take what comes out of the camera (which of course never really represents. what we see in the first place) or play with each individual slider till your shoulders seize up. I call it freedom

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lescrane: Ok, I'm not gonna totally bash Sklylum as I feel I got my money's worth out of Luminar 4 which of course is a one trick pony - AI sky replacement really is game changer for me. Otherwise the package is clunky.
what does seem a bit disturbing is they're calling AI "a completely new product" and announcing they'll only update Luminar 4 for one more year. It doesn't take artificial intelligence to know this is a crock.

Yes, I am an Adobe CC subscriber and really don't mind paying 120.00 a year to get all enhancements and updates w/o the playing the games like Sklylum is playing

please, who ever you are, do your research first. I actually agree with part of what you say. I don't want anything anyone else did in MY photo. MY SKIES. MY CREATION... if you don't want to call it a photograph, you think I care??? I sell canvases all over that were composed and created by me...but oh, my god, I used Topaz Impression to add a painterly look. If you would not do that, ok, that's your take on your work......live and let live.

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lescrane: Ok, I'm not gonna totally bash Sklylum as I feel I got my money's worth out of Luminar 4 which of course is a one trick pony - AI sky replacement really is game changer for me. Otherwise the package is clunky.
what does seem a bit disturbing is they're calling AI "a completely new product" and announcing they'll only update Luminar 4 for one more year. It doesn't take artificial intelligence to know this is a crock.

Yes, I am an Adobe CC subscriber and really don't mind paying 120.00 a year to get all enhancements and updates w/o the playing the games like Sklylum is playing

To Art fascists who think they should define what is allowed I feel sorry for you. Where have you been??? Unless you are a photojournalist who attests a final image being exactly as one saw it, we can do whatever we want to . It's called c-r-e-a-t-iv-t-y. Get it?
Believe me, your reactions are unexpected, especially here,a forum where digital imaging is the main subject.
Someone posted this:
If someone is going to cheat to the extent that they allow AI to determine the composition, cropping, colour balance etc,

You don't understand AI at all. Is changing color balance in LR "cheating"?? What about correcting distortion??? Contrast? All AI does is help you do it.
Don't get in an uproar, but "using Sky Replacement" which you can search on youtube , find many videos by fine photographers, is a skill. You can go build a library of your own skies. Choosing which use for a given image. In PS it's called "compositing"...That's it, go out and enjoy the sky wherever you are.

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