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Geopaf: I agree with what you say, I always wondered why the flag was moving in the vacum of space , maybe thats why Neil Armstrong became a recluse after his "lunar landing".

It is not waving, nor is it purposefully posed to look like it is. The flag was folded and packed in such a way that it looked like that when they took it out and unfolded it.

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Combatmedic870: ....People....they didnt really pay 1 billion for the ONLY the app....Its for the app and USERS of the app. The first day the app was released on android it downloaded by a million users....

How many jobs have you created?

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coroander: You see a lot of pixel-peeping IQ comparison discussion here with things like the Sony NEX-7. The Sony is a great camera, with excellent IQ and the body is compact. But, the lack of in-body stabilisation and the larger APS-C sensor, simply means that all the lenses are bulkier and heavier (or just slower) because they not only have to have larger elements, but they have to have IS built into each lens (if you get IS). Ultimately, it's the size and weight of the lenses which defines what i'm carrying and if i wanted to carry APS-C lenses, i wouldn't be buying a compact body, because it just doesn't make that much difference (even though some of the lenses can be smaller than for APS-C DSLRs.)

This system has it all: small, lightweight, great image quality, useable high-ISO, fast (and really fast) primes, metal body, weather sealed, and even fast zooms on there way. And i can carry it with me, all the time, and use it wherever i go and whatever the conditions.

lol Sheik. This is Rear N. from HCAF.

Here is an interesting comparison of a Pentax KX w/pancake vs an OLY ep1 w/pancake.


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OneGuy: What ... the Pana 20mm F1.7 pancake shot up to $500 on Amazon. The last time I checked it was $350.

Who leaked the superb quality of this lens to them? You Canon guys are doing no damage here on dpr. And don't give me the excuse you were dusting off them Canon power brick G_something sensors :-)

Its for sale from Amazon.com at $303+shipping.

Are you blind? All three of your posts have been wrong.

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On article DxO Labs launches Optics Pro 7.1 for Mac and Windows (95 comments in total)

I'm put off by how laggy this program is. I'm comparing the lightroom 3 demo, and it is a lot less aggrivating in that regard.

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