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Jonathan Mac: Please make the flat view the default. It currently isn't if you go to a thread from the main DPR page (the most popular threads). I find the non-flat view absolutely useless and I don't know why it even exists.

The changes look good in general though.

I am with most of the others, and single view threaded as default is horrible. I ignore the DPReview forums because of this. It is too annoying to click through topics and their replied and not just see everything at once.

If you want to maintain a threaded view, make it so you see all of the posts without having to click but can see the thread trails. A good example of this is the comments section at

Personally though, I much prefer a flat-view like 99% of the forums in use on the internet today. Outside of DPReview, I don't think I have seen single view threaded messages since dialing into BBS's.

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ybizzle: Apple fan boys rejoice!

Other than the display, nothing ground breaking here...


There is actually not much which is new tech. The processor is a dual-core CPU with a quad core GPU. This is not very different from many tablets already out. The newer Tegra 3 designs are quad core CPUs with 12 core GPUs.

Also, LTE is not new in a tablet. The Galaxy 10.1 and Motorola Zoom have been out for months with LTE and come to mind. Though having LTE on data-capped networks in the US (AT&T/VZ) is just data overages waiting to happen.

The screen is definitely nice, though most Android tablets are expected to have similiar. Samsung is rumored to have a high resolution Note in the works for mid-year.

Personally my next tablet is the Asus Infinity: 10.1", 1920x1200 (221ppi), thinner and lighter than the iPad3, ICS, 4x CPU core, 12x GPU core, with multiple inputs and outputs.

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