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Chris 222: "In fact one of the reasons we love these bags is they can survive rainy Seattle winters without a rain cover"
The bag does "survive", but not its contents! Water gets in through the zippers...

Agreed, I live in Seattle and I’ll agree that water gets in to the V1 zippers and also seeps into the material.

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Eugene232: Does Aquaman know Leica is not a waterproof ?


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OceanXL: I would be upset if I didn't get paid, but I would caution against weaponizing my art. I know it's tempting, but you gotta cool off and go through legal channels first. You don't want future clients to think you're unprofessional and vindictive.

Yes, I want future clients to know I'm a professional and I expect to get paid. But at the same time, I wouldn't risk the reputation of my business on a petty move like this. I'd handle it like a professional--not like some scorned lover who airs dirty laundry.

Link | Posted on Feb 5, 2019 at 21:37 UTC

I would be upset if I didn't get paid, but I would caution against weaponizing my art. I know it's tempting, but you gotta cool off and go through legal channels first. You don't want future clients to think you're unprofessional and vindictive.

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Dominik84: I don’t understand this new bokeh or smartphone vs camera discussion. I photograph weddings and always ask my clients which photos they like best. And guess, it’s always the photo where I captured the biggest feelings, the authentic moments. They don’t care if there is a bokeh or not. They even don’t care if I photograph their wedding with a camera, a smartphone or a banana. They just want someone who does the job. I know that this here is a technical forum but it gets a little bit strange.

I agree that this is a technical forum, which is why we see articles and discussions on the the minute details of technology. That's fine; however, I hope that photographers remember to use these tech articles as supplementary information to the overall art of photography.

Technology isn't the end game. The end game is to create beautifully composed images, capture emotions, and unique moments.

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Venkat S: Instagram was dead to me the day they decided to move away from showing photos in a chronological order.

I have to agree with sjazz. I feel like I'm being bombarded with ads lately. I understand that they need to generate revenue, but weren't they already doing that before Facebook took over?

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Bgfreeman: Yup, stupid DRM/GEORestricted crap again. Not available.

What region do you live in?

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Mike FL: It is the time for camera makers to use Phone CPU to replacing the very old low tech stuffs inside today's cameras, as camera makers have no R&D power + No advanced hardware mfc + No processing power+...

Take a look:


Finally someone said it. I agree 100%. Camera manufacturers must keep pace with current CPU trends.

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Dragonrider: How fun. Moving 75 MB 5DSR files back and forth to the cloud. By the time they get there and back, you could have driven 50 miles to your real computer and edited the whole shoot. I have to believe the mobile ISPs funded this scam in hopes of selling more overage MB.

I'd agree with lawny13. This is probably helpful while on the move and editing photos to share. II wouldn't use this solution to edit a large batch of images, but it could definitely be useful while traveling.

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WilliWieberg: I use the 5l sling from peak-design with my x-t2, the attached 18-55, a 90mm and a 14mm. I find the bag perfect (and nicely designed) for my usage.

Good infoI have the 5L bag also. I only own an XT2 and the 18-55 and it obviously fits fine. I knew I could hold one more lens, but I didn't know I could fit both a 90 and a 14.

Link | Posted on Sep 13, 2018 at 18:32 UTC

The only thing this system is lacking is a pouch for a paperback copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

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cyberpi1: Roadmap is good to have, but current lens are kinda weird. Big 55mm mount and big and heavy 50mm but only f1.8. They should leave S for 1.4, and make 1.8 as small as possible. It’s mirrorless, it’s about the size and weight.
And the second, the most weird for me, 58mm f0.95. It has no AF, who needs it at the beginning of a whole new line Z lenses? Terrible choice. It’s better to be WA zoom f4.

Definitely agree with you on the 58mm f0.95. I'm sure the engineers are smarter than I am and there's probably a reason why it doesn't include AF. But, still, I'm like what? I don't always need MF. I'd rather have AF and switch to MF when I need it.

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