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Leo LS: I think this camera will have a life cycle of at least 5 years and will mark the end of DSLR era like EOS 1V marked the end of SLR. EVF and mirrorless will certainly take over.

I beg to differ that the AF on the 1D MkIV sucks. In 2010, when I was not familiar with the various AF modes, keeper's rate was only about 5-10% for my F1 GP shots. As I understood the AF modes much better, I set it under the customized menu for quick access, to switch between modes. This year's F1, my keeper's rate was about 30%. There were simply too many pics that were tack sharp I had such tough time selecting the best. From what I gathered from your comments, you probably have not optimized the usefulness of the AF modes. 1D MkIV's focusing system is impressive and I am really excited to test the new 1DX AF system!

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